lightweight and all-around versatile

iloveyouozzy (11k image)I am of the belief:

  • There was an accident on 495 this morning
  • there was a ton of trash on the spur this morning
  • yes, trash – all over the highway
  • what the fuck?!
  • i came in early this morning to take some pictures of a guest on air for the morning show, but that got rescheduled until tomorrow but will be a phoner and the producer didnt tell me
  • motherfuck
  • there is some crazy changes going on here at work
  • one of my better peeps here is getting let go
  • it’s kind of nerve racking, but will be great for this person
  • it’s nice he can semi-retire for the time being
  • upper management here is nuts
  • i couldnt give a shit as i just got a mac g4
  • all i had to do was ask
  • amazing
  • there is a swtich i hit to go between my mouse/keyboard/monitor for each computer
  • that relay thing rules
  • bike accessories are fucking nuts and a pain in the ass to install sometimes
  • i am really in a bad mood this morning
  • bbq this weekend – if you didnt get the email it’s one of two things: a) we don’t like you; b) evite sucks ass – contact us if you arent doing anything Saturday night
  • andrew wk is playing Elliot’s end of year pool party
  • i am kinda excited about this
  • the best reprise ever
  • kristen
  • daniel is ill and i hope he gets better soon so we can practice
  • tonight we’re seeing mark andersen and mark jenkins at politics and prose
  • positive force is a group i always wish i got involved with

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