antigen found file filter= *.scr file

tubes (11k image)-more sniper action in WV
-what the fuck is wrong with people
-bbq chicken is good for lunch
-green beans rule with chicken
-mandarin lime soda is tasty
-why have i received 300 email viruses today at work
-it’s hurting me
-but i am watching jerry springer at work
-so it’s ok
-everytime i eat a green bean the juices squirt all over my screen
-it’s uncanny
-i am going to lakelands tonight
-my sister now lives there
-i’ve never seen so many white people
-it’s kind of sickening
-but she’s giving us nice patio furniture
-i’ll be driving the sportstalk980 van
-i think she’s also feeding me rules
-their cover of bring me to life is seriously horrifying
-and yes, that is a bad thing
-cos i know all of you goths like that horrifying stuff
-but no, this is just badd
-fucking goths
-do people still listen to that shitty music?
-speaking of which, poor bobby brown
-you pick

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