at home he's a tourist. (6k image)it’s been quite some time since i’ve written here. i just haven’t been all that motivated to write anything lately. actually…..i haven’t been that motivated to do much of anything lately. and that all came to a climax when i got strep throat. i couldn’t do anything. and i found that there is a big difference between the two. sitting in my apartment for four days without being able to swallow without severe pain…..i got to thinking about things. and i came to some conclusions.

i won’t share any of them with you…..but that’s for your own benefit. just know that i’m happy…..and everything seems to be a bit more clear these days. it’s a good thing. one thing i will share with you, though…..for some unknown reason…..i had this urge to watch sex and the city while i was sick. so i rented the first season….and watched it in a day. i then ventured out to the video store to rent the second season…..since i was hooked. they didn’t have the second season for some reason…..but they had the third……and the fourth. by the time sunday rolled around…..i had seen both. and i must admit how good that show actually is. i was pleasantly surprised…..i had seen a few episodes here and there…..but seeing it all together…..i was impressed. and they’re all so foxy!

anyway…..so i’m getting better. little to no spots on my tonsils…..i can swallow. all is well again. and i found out this morning that i can take off thursday and friday of next week. jessica and i are venturing up to philly for a few days. she gets to meet the family…..which really isn’t fair. she doesn’t have anything to worry about…..and i totally had to sweat it when i went there. typical. 😉 so i’ve already made plans to show her the town…..and the city……and meet vanessa. we’re all going to POD that saturday night. sushi on a conveyer belt!!

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