something in the way of things. (8k image)i‘m back from vacation. actually…..i’ve been back since sunday…..but i didn’t consider my vacation to be over until i stepped foot into this office. and what a day it was. i’ll get to that in a bit. but let me do a quick recap of the past week.

wednesday night jessica flew into baltimore. i had this surprise dinner waiting for her…..which worked out very well. she was surprised. so……success. thursday we left baltimore and drove to philly. after a few illegal driving moves, we arrived in philly to an empty home. my folks eventually came home….and then all of us went to dinner. it wasn’t awkward at all…..i was surprised. later that night we met up with jon and vanessa at the drafting room for some drinks. i miss that place! their beer selection is always so good. we got a little tipsy….it was a good time. friday my folks drove down to rehoboth to make settlement on their new beach house, and jessica and i slept in. we weren’t very motivated… we went to king of prussia for a little shoppin’. hours later we were hungry and exhausted… we drove to collegeville to see my brother and his wife. we drank good beer and ate good food. saturday we got up early and drove down to philly. on the way there, i drove through manayunk so jessica could see it. i also showed her the apartment i used to live in when she and i first started talking three years ago. i almost got a little teary. after that we went to….umm…..well…..barsky’s. and we spoke with mr barsky and got schooled in his ways. jessica and i both remarked that he was wearing a shirt just like cass! which no one will understand except us…..and that’s why we rule. so we left barsky’s and met up with john at tattoo moms. we drank good beer and ate good food. and then we wondered around on south street…..more shopping. later that night…..we drove back down to the city to meet up with some more of my friends at pod. pod is a very swank…..very mod……very hip…..very overpriced restaurant. it was so much fun though…..aside from waiting over an hour to get a pod… friends being served the wrong entree…..and vanessa’s boyfriend jon having a shard of glass in his water. sunday was a late lunch/early dinner with my folks, my brother, and his wife. they genuinely liked jessica…..which was apparent by the swarm of hugs and kisses that followed when we were about to leave. it was a success. i knew it would be. i never doubted it.

oh…..i almost forgot the big news. i’m moving back to philly. more on that later.

:: favorite daniel retort?
38.4% :: it was a long weekend
30.7% :: ummmm…..
30.7% :: er uh…….
00.0% :: uhhhhh…….

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