lamb til the clouds clear

piezo tweeters rule - k15 (15k image)1.Make up a name for yourself: matork
2.Where were you born? washington dc
3.And when was this? 12jan.
4.What are you parents names? francine & neil.
5.What is your favourite sexual position? the same as yours.

Morning. . .
1.What’s your favourite breakfast cereal? lucky charms & whole foods kids
2.What’s the first thing you do upon waking? turn off my cell ringer
3. Coffee or Orange Juice? if from waffle house, coffee
4. Stop to smell the roses or rush to work/school? stop to watch the people.
5. What is your morning bathroom routine? bronner’s in the shower
6. Morning breath? no thanks.
7. Toast or pop tart? neither.
8. Sex in the morning or at night? either.
9. Do you have normal sleeping habits? i try.
10. How many hours of sleep you average? 7-8.
11. Get on the Internet before work/school? duh, i am addicted.
12. Change your underwear regularly? daily.
3. Sing in the shower? when i can.
14. Flex in the mirror? funny.
15. Butter or Margarine? margarine.

Noon. . .
1. What your favourite fast food place? subway?
2. Take out, drive thru, or eat in? delivery.
3. Bring your lunch or eat from a vending machine? bring!
4. Eat in a group or alone? group.
5. Would you like fries with that? i like cookies.
6. Gossip? only if it’s good.
7. Do you brush your teeth after every meal? no, i like my enamel
8. Chew Trident? no, contains lactose.
9. Are you eating anything right now? no.
10. Ever had a, how you say, nooner? i cannot deny this.
11. Favourite TV Dinner: amy’s!
12. Favourite Candy Bar: whatchamacallits!
13. Favourite chewing gum: bazooka.
14. Does loud chewing bother you? very much so.
15. Do you talk with your mouth full? not often.

And Night. . .
1. What is your favourite sleeping position? tummy or side.
2. Do you dream in colour or black and white? i dream in 3d
3. Do you sleep alone? not often.
4. Have you ever been in a bar? sure.
5. How about a gay bar? sure.
6. Do you drink? liquids make the world go ’round
7. Do you drink and drive? i pee first.
8. How about drugs, do you do those? no sir.
9. Do you carry condoms? i got a pack of 100 from my mother when she dropped me off at college
10. Name something stupid you’ve done while drunk: i dont get drunk.
11. Tell me a recent dream: i played theremin with prince, i think to irresistible bitch
12. What are you doing next Saturday night? camping
13. Will you marry me? er?
14. What do you sleep in? boxers and socks.
15. Kiss and tell? doubtful.

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