freedom is a road seldom traveled by the masses

the real king (8k image)I made a mix. Why is side one so much more rock than side two?

-a quick one while he’s away | the who
-me in honey | REM
-jacking the ball | the sea and cake
-mr. bitterness | soul coughing
-bernie | jon spencer blues explosion
-radio 1 dcon | the features
-wait until tomorrow | jimi hendrix
-out on the tiles | led zeppelin
-break | fugazi
-levitate me | the pixies
-annie waits | ben folds

-birthday cake | cibo matto
-honk kong | mark degliantoni
-the last day of our acquaintanence | sinead o’connor
-what goes on | velvet underground
-dont believe the hype | public enemy
-ultra violet | u2
-ireesistable bitch | prince
-planet rock | afrika bambaataa
-look back in anger | david bowie
-flying | the beatles
-ceremony | galaxie 500 (joy division)

I want to travel more than I have in the past to other countries. I seem to be equally stubborn and terrified. What a great combination. I think it’s a good one. I will in time. Just like me in honey. I think I wanna go to some place like Bermuda, then New Zealand. I am so sick of hearing about Europe it makes me sick. Maybe Italy though. They have cool boats. And they make good wine. But i dont like red wine. And I cant stand French as a language. And their accents. Ugh. Hmmm. And Russia. They have such interesting archetecture. Eh… Why think about this now. I have no time to travel right now. But when i feel the need i do have the best person in the world to travel with.

Mat=one lucky mofo

thanks again for modeling. the film is getting processed tommorow…..oh,
and i bought some blank cds so let me know what albums you want besides hunky

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  • italy is good, and you can escape from stupid people there if you play your cards right. ALSO. i want to go to new zealand but i have to wait for all the lord of the rings dorkage to die down i think. ALSO- prague.

    smELLEs like teen spirit

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