holiday inn is for suckers

mat and papa _ papa_mat (8k image)I am back from vacation.

These are some of the things we did:

1. Went to visit the cousins in NY
2. Saw Noell in Hartford, CT
3. Camped and biked in Beartown State Forest in Great Barrington, Mass and we confidently avoided any black bears
4. It rained there profusely so we only stayed there 2 nights
5. Camped and biked at Nickerson State Forest in Cape Cod, Mass but did not avoid the raccoons
6. We shopped and walked around in Provincetown, Mass (see “Lie Down with Dogs” for a feeler)
7. We hung out on the real beaches of Cape Cod that have been protected from the people
8. Went to Boston, Mass and hung out with Landon, my grandfather and his older sister
9. Fell in love with Brookline, Mass
10. Hung out with the cousins one more time
11. Did some shopping in NYC on Houston Street and Broadway
12. Went to Annette’s parent’s Birthday party in Baltimore
13. Came home to a house that didnt even flood much at all after the hurricane
14. So sick that i am at work now…

Pictures are all here

4 Responses to “holiday inn is for suckers”

  • "fell in love with Brookline"!?! You’ve always been in love with Brookline. And really, that’s no crime. Brookline has more toy stores and playgrounds than any other place I’ve ever seen. It’s like this mass nesting ground for smart people.

  • very true…

    i just hadnt been there in 5 years or so…

    i had missed it much…

    there is a reason jonathan richmon wrote "new england"


  • next time make a detour to providence, ok?

  • we actually drove thru providence…

    there was a little traffic there…

    cute lil’ town,

    ps. i can only think of that thing mike watt did with sonic youth on Daydream Nation, whenever i hear PROVIDENCE

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