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321logo (2k image)10 Things In My Life That Equate to Getting Older

01. Shopping for vacuum cleaners and actually getting pissed off at the customer service at Target as the employees there cant tell us about the amazing features of a god dammed vacuum cleaner

02. Knowing the difference between an annual and a perennial

03. Owning a credit card that gives me back 3% for all gas purchases

04. Turning the volume up for those hair-loss commercials and getting excited there is hope for me when I do start loosing my hair

05. Liking vinyl better than CDs and/or newer media (religiously)

06. Having a neighbor like that of the “neighbor” in The Burbs

07. Owning hedgers, lever grass shears and lopper shears and know the difference between them all (however, it seems that my parents use them more than me)

08. Dreaming about different ways to prevent flooding in my basement (the most recent was the idea of molding rubber bands together with my soldering gun, similarly to that of the hull of a boat)

09. Emily Watson is hot and she is in her mid to late 30s

10. When doing a search for “321 Contact” on the internet, nothing comes up, cos I am so damn old the internet doesnt even know what show that was, cos it was AGES AGO!

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