hip hop on a higher level

lorena and kyle at last week's shantytown 2003 - bobbitkyle (11k image)Things Learned This Weekend:

1. Never drive in a car with a sibling ever again to NY (how ever much you love them)
2. There is a reason the backseat should be empty at all times or filled with gear
3. There can never be too many apples
4. Zappa is good anytime of the day
5. My family is as crazy as me and i love that
6. Emily totally fits in with my Queens NY (Dad) side of the family
7. NY radio sucks
8. NJ is a waste of a state (no fluid roads and no pumping your own gas)
9. My Aunt rocks more and more everytime I see her
10. Me and my cousin Zack are similar in many of ways
11. Talking politics, religion and how to raise kids rules with my cousins
12. My cousin who is a dentist makes root canals look awesome
13. Not even contemplating work over the weekend is better than life itself
14. I only brought 2 cameras and that was ok
15. Emily rules and is the bestest person ever!

So yeah, this weekend was spend in NY at my Father’s cousin’s Apple Orchard in Warwick. It was great. It did rain and wasnt as beautiful as last year, but it was still family and they all rock. Pictures are all here. Most are pretty unflattering as the weather conditions were not ideal.

Oh yeah, and I fixed my journal here, for the most part.

And I feel so much better about an ongoing issue with a rather close friend.

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