detroit rock city

tim_fetish (5k image)Things going on:

-Canning jams with Emily for part of our Christmas/Channukah gifts
-Been totally getting in to baking bread (and yes, without a bread maker)
-Finished working on OMR002; it’s getting pressed as you read this
-Finished mastering OMR001; Emily will be starting artwork asap; Due out first week in December
-I [heart] my OMR checks/credit card, and tax license
-Finally got the scanner working to scan in Stanko shoots
-Been working off and on with Gordon on muzaq
-Got hired to shoot a wedding this Saturday
-Put an ad up on a classified site and this guy I played a show a few months ago randomly replied to me without even knowing who I was (small fucking world/great minds); we’ll be getting together Sunday and I have a good feeling
-Al has been working on some stuff for the label
-I’ve been taking in all of Al’s muzaq and am pretty fucking impressed
-I look forward to recording him soon
-Speaking of recording, it’s confirmed that Landon will be coming to DC in late January for the Chinese New Yeear to record with me
-Lots of music going on
-I’ve been practicing, but need to more
-Work is work; that is all for now
-We still havent caught the mouse but we are close
-If I havent replied to your email, i apologize, i will
-My guitarist friend Eric from High School is actually moving one street over from me; woot!

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