so i better hold on

sp_simpsons (16k image)A is for – Age: 20something
B is for – Beverage of choice: Chocolate Soy Milk
C is for – Career of choice – Sound recorder
D is for – Dad’s name: Neil
E is for – Essential item to bring to a party: Theremin, duh.
F is for – Favorite song at the moment: Bootie Cooler by Shuggie Otis
G is for – Guy/Girls you’ve kissed: Not as many as you thought.
H is for – Hometown: DCish
I is for – Instrument you play: That’s a little personal.
J is for – Job title: Web Manager
K is for – Kids: I don’t have any
L is for – Living arrangement: House in DC
M is for – Mom’s name: Francine
N is for – Number of people you’ve slept with: Not as few as you thought.
O is for – Overnight hospital stays: No sir.
P is for – Phobia[s]: Planes, Snakes
Q is for – Quote you like: Stuff by Zappa or Rothko
R is for – Relationship that lasted the longest: Counting is for children
S is for – Sexual position: That’s none of your business
T is for – Time you wake up: 8am, during the week
U is for – Unique trait(s): I know more Latin than you
V is for – Virgin: Like when the Pumpkins were on them?
W is for – Worst habit: I am too nice
X is for – X-rays you’ve had: CAT scan when i was a kid
Y is for – Yummy food you make: Saitan stir fry
Z is for – Zodiac sign: Capricorn

which means of listening to music is best?
48% :: cd
36% :: vinyl
12% :: iPod (or equivalent)
04% :: tape

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