not verbally but phsyically

thekid (12k image)What’s been going on?

For starters, i’ve been playing music with some new people. The first time in a few months i’ve been playing music with other people, outside of just practicing on my own time. I mean i’ve been messing around with Gordon, but nothing really cohesive was happening. It was no fault of anyone. It was more just getting to known one another. But last week David came over with Gordon (not late, this time!) and he brought over his casios that he modified with extra swtiches, patch bays, potentiometers, etc. The keyboards sound amazing. We did some cool stuff and are going to be practicing a few times a week, hopefully. Gordon is also playing my Juno 106 with some pedals. I might also hook up a Casio near my kit to fuck shit up with. It’s pretty wild stuff. It’s almost like God Speed You Black Emperor sans strings but with synths. It’s not a bad thing. Oh yeah, and David knew exactly what my geiger counter was on the wall. I have a good feeling. And if you look hard enough you can find an mp3 of our last rehearsal somewhere on this site.

In other music news I am acquiring a new recording console for Skylab. It’s a british board. 64 inputs. 8 bus. 6 aux. Sweepable EQs. And nothing beats UK EQs. I cant wait to hook this baby up. I just have to drive up to Philly this weekend with Gordon and it’ll be rocking. No more Mackie! Me and Gordon have been talking a lot about Skylab. I think I am going to take use of that G4 i got and perhaps contemplate getting a MOTU 24 i/o so I can record 24 tracks of audio on the computer as well as 8 tracks from the ADAT. I most likely will never use all these tracks for my own shit, but it’s more for the sake of the studio when recording other bands. Look out.

In holiday news, Emily and myself have been making our Christmas/Channukah gifts this year. I cant really say too much about that right now, other than there is soldering, apples, wood boxes and stain involved. It’s quite a project and we’re kicking ass, even though Emily is doing most of the work. I just dont have that attention to detail like Emily has outside of my own music. Oh yeah, and Gordon and Becca came over on Saturday for some Golden House chinese food, good music, ginger bread houses and lots of talk of conspiracies from within the CIA. Pictures. More to come.

And my record has finally been rereleased. I am pretty nervous about this. It’s the first time in my life where my own music is out there being sold to the public. I’d appreciate if you picked it up. It’s only $12 and it’s chock full of goodness. Supporting independent music is also always good for karma. You can do this here. Makes a great Xmas or Channukah gift. And doubles as a coaster!

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