gedde watanabe is a scam

landon practicing his guitar guide
I met Landon in college. My first year in college at the University of Hartford. It was 1995. We played in a band with another mutual friend, Gabe. Landon played bass. Gabe played guitar and sang. We all loved Dinosaur Jr. A lot. Among other things. A few years go by. We all get degrees and day jobs. Then me and Emily decide to hit up some New England and visit Boston for a day. But we can’t visit Boston and not visit Landon. So we hit him up for a few hours on our last trip there this past September. There we talked about him coming down to record a few cuts with me in my studio. I never really thought it would actually happen. I mean I totally wanted him to come down, I just didn’t think it would come to fruition.

In fact it did happen. He’s here now. We’ve been recording since 11am this morning. It’s now 1.48am. That’s almost 15 hours of pure recording and I still have a few more hours in me. Today we layed down some bossa nova drum beats. I played along with the CR-8000. And Landon layed down some guitar with Gordon’s Martin acoustic. Gordon also wrote out some piano parts to play. But we were all loosing steam and decided to call it quits at about 1.30am. Gordon will finish up the piano tomorrow. Shouldn’t be a problem. I am having a blast. It’s great spending time with good people, not to mention someone I’ve known for almost a decade.

It’s days like these that make me realize what I am truly happy doing. It’s days like these that make me wish I could change my definition of the word “job”. I think it’s totally possible.

Gordon messing with the knobs

Gordon playing the drums so I can set levels

Landon rolling out the Gordon’s Martin acoustic

And today we give you yet another wonderful design from the ever lovely Emily. I love you Emily.

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