saffy got gypped

dumps like a truck, truck, truck I have a new favorite thing. I’m so excited, really. i’m about to piss myself, and you don’t want that.


Now, I love me some Fox Network, mostly because I love any organization that can make fun of itself. I love any organization that consistently brings me the Simpsons and Donal Logue. I love any network who runs TV specials like ‘Who wants to be a Princess?’ especially when my FRIEDNS ARE ON IT. I love Futurama, hell, I love Fox news just because they’re such trash.

But they have elevated themselves to god-like stature as of last night.

Ladies and gentlemen: ‘The Glutton Bowl.’

Please for the love of Jebus, someone tell me they saw this show. I am amazed, I am stupefied. 15 pounds of sushi. Stick upon stick of butter. 8 POUNDS OF MAYONNAISE. I actually got in a fight with Sig’s roommate’s girlfriend over which would be more disgusting, the mayo or the butter.

I maintain equal repulsion/glee.

Anyway, these guys (and gals, it was like watching characters from a John Waters flick) have my utmost respect and worship. The Japanese guy ate 12 pounds of cowbrains. He only weighed 130.

Do you think you can buy tickets? Sig and I have decided there are a few things we need to go see. I’ve been to a rodeo. I’d still like to see a demolition derby, a chicken show, and the Glutton Bowl.

Other Junks

Irenewed my license this morning, so watch out a-holes. I am pre-approved for another 5 years of hell in the Commonwealth.

Also, anyone up for road-tripping for cheap pitchers in the Shenandoah Valley?


Turin Brakes, White Stripes, Bob Schneider, Rev. Horton Heat, Dismemberment Plan, Earth, Wind, and Fire (wha???), Modern Lovers, the Samples, Les Savy Fave. Also, I will be in attendance at the “F8” show at Black Cat Sunday. LEIF GARRETT!

6 Responses to “saffy got gypped”

  • leif is coming to our studios on monday morning

    god help us all,

  • Leif was in OUR studios a few days ago. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo. 😛

    The Glutton Bowl was merely a rip-off of the Philadelphia tradition of the Wing Bowl (combined with Japanese game show wackiness). There were even Wing Bowl alumni in it.

    In conclusion, Philly is better than Balmer. 😉

  • the modern lovers like jonathan?


    hey, i only have THE LAST DRAG, what other samples record do you recommend next?

    jesus and his lesbian love child

  • hooray for the five maseratis!

  • hells yeah "like jonathan!" and Sig and I were on the road last night and thus missed the five maseratis. I wanted to cry. Mat: "No Room" is pretty decent, that’s the one I would get.

  • the five maseratis get better every time i see them! dude, elle, you missed an awesome set.

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