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hammertime (11k image)Today was the annual ski trip with my cluster to Whitetail in Pennsylvania. It also included the Baltimore, Salisbury and Winchester markets. It’s one of those weird company quasi-party things where they salute the sales people and marketing managers for going over budget, while all of the other people who get them there remain unthanked. That and you say “hi” and shake hands with a lot of people that you’d rather not. It’s really a drag going to these things. I am sure I sound very ungrateful. Who would not want to get a free day of skiing during the work day, and still get paid? But at these meetings when you hear about all these budgets that were well exceeded you wonder why your raise sucked ass after the new year, when each year you get twice the responsibilities. It’s pretty ridiculous. Sure my cluster is pretty cool compared to the monster that owns us or other markets i’ve dealt with, but still. Who cares. I guess I get my pay check each month and that’s all that really matters. On the brighter side of the day, I did get to take shots of vodka with my boss on the ski lift a few times and he insisted we stop by the neighborhood bar and grab a pitcher of beer before driving back home. There are some perks to my job and I really do like a lot of my co-workers, but the perks are running really thin. Perks don’t pay the bills. I sure hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

you’re invisible now, you got no secrets to conceal

In other news, Al came over this past weekend to record some drums for his record. I just hope I get to mix it in the end. It’s coming along nicely. Al is sounding better and better each time he comes over here. I got to tune his bass drum and snare which badly needed some help. The drums were screaming at me to be tuned. They were in pain. Tuning and taking out muffling always helps. Muffling to me is just a band-aid for a greater problem. Especially with bass drums. A little patience and a tuning key goes a long way. But yeah, Al layed down some good beats for a song of his. And Gordon was there 2nd engineering and just in general coming up with cool ideas of how to route the audio. He is a great counterpart to me. He knows his digital and I know my analog. Together we can’t be stopped. We did have a problem though. We had to dump some stereo tracks to the ADAT to record the drums on my board. But in doing so we lost the scratch drums as we didn’t want them on the final recording. So we had to figure a way to record the keyboards/sounds while retaining the scratch drum machine beats to play along to. Recording the drums with out this scratch part would be near to impossible as the rhythm was very complex. Luckily, Al recorded his scratch drum parts on his little recording box that could be midi’d to a drum machine that could be dumped to the ADAT on a separate track so he would have a drum machine to play to, in the end. And on top of that mess, the pattern was all off by 2 beats. It was really damn confusing, but it totally worked out in the end. Actually it wasnt that complicated, but at the time it was damn innovative! And we were pretty darn proud of that idea. Al’s box packs a nice punch. At least where it counts.

And did I tell you how much I love my Emily?

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