hopscotch lollipop sunday surprise

joe71 (36k image)

Today this band called SR-71 came in to the AM show and our Program Director, Joe, decided to just come in and play with them. It was kinda random and funny. Joe also uses the word “MUSO” a lot. He says it means what musicians talk about. (The guitarists were talking muso.) That my friend is kind of offensive.

eric_mass (26k image)

In other news, besides my 9-5 i’ve been basically living in the studio recording a demo for the band Mass Transit for the past 2 weeks. This is Eric doing some acoustic guitar overdubs.

eric_mass (26k image)

Outside of that fun stuff, Gordon and me have been doing some rewiring in Olympus Mons Studios. It’s patchbay madness.

re_studio2 (23k image)

Clip the blue wire? Or was it the green wire?

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