outta the mist i kissed your lovely drug-filled lips

oms_zander1 (36k image)

Zander is thinking: “This synth has way too many knobs! Where’s my casio?”

oms_zander2 (25k image)

Gordon says, “Well, what if we take the aux sends of the snare and room mics, run them through the Lexicon and then run them back in to busses 1 and 2 in stereo – well, just watch me…”

oms_zander3 (46k image)

“Don’t you mess with my o-ring!”

Mass Transit’s demo is finally done. Eric and his crew were happy with it. There were of course things Gordon and myself would have rather done with it, for example: We would have liked to have had more time to fix a lot of problems both sonically and in the musicality. But due to the time constraints I think it went really well. And we are already looking forward to recording a full length “non-demo” sounding record with them.

Saturday, after Zander found his way through DC, was spent in the studio recording some more drum tracks and casio bass lines from the scratch tracks Zander already cut as demos. The drums are finally sounding really good and I am really enjoying the time working on this project. I still wish he’d experiment more, but then again, that perhaps isn’t so much his style. Whatever he’s doing is working so far, so I can’t complain. And Gordon and me also linked up the 2 ADATs. They sync like a charm even even use a 9pin “gender bender” adaptor. That, my friend, is badass.

Ican’t wait for more recording gigs to come in the next few months. It’s almost overwhelming that I am finally doing something I completely love and am making a few spare dimes as well. Seriously, I never thought such a thing could happen to me.

Time for bed. ‘night.

2 Responses to “outta the mist i kissed your lovely drug-filled lips”

  • haha, that first caption is so true. I switched from the Juno to the Casio while you guys went to take a smoking break, and you had no idea until I laid down the track and told you! you failed the Pepsi challenge, bitch! 😉

    and just watch out next time, we’re gonna vocode the fuck outta them drums!

  • Heh – we share your issues, but overall third-party consensus seems to be that what we have is great for a demo – thanks again for your great work and we’ll see you in the studio again in early May 😉

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