no christmas while i’m talking.

the rat. (6k image)hi. remember me? right. things have been so incredibly busy. i’m not going to make this coherent….so you’ll just have to follow along. work has been insanely busy. for the past two weeks… to two people have been been out….and of course i have to help carry the load. so i haven’t had time to do much else while i’m here…..besides email jessica. there’s just some things i always make time for. while i’m not working…..i’ve been practicing with friends of the library. that’s coming along very nicely. things are starting to sound more sonic….and they’re getting louder! it’s turning into more of a mogwai/my bloody valentine type of thing….rather than a low/dirty three kind of thing. i’m happy either way…..but i like the direction we’re going. hopefully we’ll be playing out soon….and maybe some of you can come check us out. then there’s the apartment search…..which has been driving me crazy. i thought i found a cool place in chestnut hill….but the bedroom was too small….so i bagged it. after some more looking and some creative thinking…..i found a place in jenkintown. it’s called the castle. it’s an 1867 victorian home that was converted into apartments. i hooked up with a one bedroom apartment for a really good price. the best part is that it’s huge….has hardwood floors….and every room is painted a different color. it’s perfect. and they allow pets! so jessica and i can finally get a dog of our own. rock. so everything’s coming together…..i might even get a second job. but more on that later once i speak with some people. more news as it happens. i hope all of you are well.

who do you think should rule the new iraq?
45.1% mat
38.7% daniel
06.4% simon cowell
03.2% bush jr.
00.0% john kerry

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