elephant (8k image)last night i saw elephant…..written and directed by gus van sant. i remember hearing about it, but i don’t remember seeing it around anywhere….though it probably played at a few theaters while i wasn’t paying attention. the movie….if you haven’t seen it….is about a typical day at a high school in some modern nameless suburb. the twist is that on this day…..two kids come in with guns and shoot people. right. columbine, obviously. so i was really curious to see how it would be portrayed. it started off pretty well…..i immediately saw linklater’s slacker as a big influence. there are a string of characters who you meet…..they pass each other…..and the film either follows the character they just introduced…..or take you to another character who passes the one you just saw. many of the scenes are the same at some point….but from another person’s perspective…..a concept which could be very cool. having said that…..i thought this film was absolutely horrible….pointless…..disappointing….and frustrating. there was no point. i didn’t really care that two kids came in to this school to shoot people because there was no emotional attachment to the characters in the first place. there’s a point in the movie where they introduce you to a character…..he walks the halls during the shootings…..he doesn’t say a word….and then he gets shot. this is a good five minutes of the movie. what the fuck?? there’s a ton of long drawn out pointless camera shots…..continuous 360 degree shots…..just all of this artsy crap that doesn’t do anything for the movie because nothing happens…..aside from some kids getting shot. and don’t even get me started on the ending. it was horrible and only made me more angry that i wasted 80 minutes of my day watching this heaping pile of horseshit.

rant over.

now…..could that have been the point to the movie?? possibly. but i think to make the viewer try to feel as alien as some of those kids might have felt….then you have to go about it in a different way. when i told jessica about it, she said that it was gus vant sant being “hi, i’m gus van sant”…..which is probably right. i was just so frustrated. it could’ve been this really great movie….but it wasn’t. what an asshole.

has anyone else seen this?

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  • hey daniel, haven’t seen that yet, but it sounds stupid. gus van sant is really hit or miss. best thing he’ll ever direct is good will hunting. everything else is shit in my opinion. well, to die for was ok.

    i have the poster for elephant. god knows why. haha.


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