mcdonalds never felt so good

ellerocksit (9k image)It was earlier this week when Eric asked if I wanted to bike the Capital Crescent Bike Trail. I agreed. It basically runs through Silver Spring all the way to Georgetown on the Potomac. So Saturday morning I got up a little early and got my bike out from the basement and found all my stuff I needed for the trip. I didn’t have any Cliff bars, but I did have my Spanish pasteries! And my camebak of water. 2 liters man. So I went over to Eric’s house and chilled with him and Erika and we did stretching until we went over to the MD side of Takoma Park to pick up their friend Sarah (?).

So the trip began Silver Spring, after we navigated through the residential streets of Silver Spring and Takoma Park. It started off pretty leisurely. It was all pretty much downhill. I was feeling pretty good about it. We were peaking at 16 mph. It was a nice ride. And i was getting a slight tan from my normal casper-white tone.

We got to Georgetown much later than expected so I thought I would take the Metro back and everyone else was pretty convinced of it too. But then we realized how much of a pain it would be lugging our bikes from the water up to Foggy Bottom would be. So we hit the trail all the way back. Keep in mind the trail was pretty much a decline all the way there, but the way back was a 1-2 degrees uphill ride. So by the time we hit downtown Bethesda I had called Emily asking to just pick my sorry ass up. But then I thought, I made it this far, why not go all the way. It was only 6 or so more miles. And I did… My thighs were killing me all Sunday. But today, they aren’t bad. I only missed Emily riding with me. And next time, I will make my first ride of the season less insane. 32 miles. 28.4 mph max speed (actually hit in Takoma MD, near the hospital.) 12.5 mph average speed. 3 hours total biking time.

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