power licks + people places

(choose and lose)From the Washington Post, 11.28:

Montgomery County, MD Executive Douglas M. Duncan (D) yesterday vetoed legislation that would have regulated smoking in the privacy of people’s homes, reversing course after a rash of worldwide attention and a public opinion backlash.

Duncan took the action after a key County Council member who voted for the legislation took a public stand against it yesterday, a defection that means supporters no longer have the votes to override the veto.

Council President Blair G. Ewing (D-At Large) acknowledged that political reality, expressing disappointment but saying the erosion of political support had effectively killed the legislation.
Council member Michael L. Subin (D-At Large), an opponent, said, “We’ve become the laughingstock of the world.”

The provision, which the council passed last week as part of a package of indoor air-quality standards, represented one of the most restrictive anti-smoking measures in the nation. Had it become law, the legislation would have set fines of up to $750 for people who smoke in their homes if the smoke crossed property lines and offended neighbors.

God Bless This Mess. Really, the best part about that whole thing is the fact that it?s pulled from the Post, and not from ?News of the Weird.?

The connections in my head are not at all linear, so nothing really makes sense. But as I was reading this story, I started thinkng about John Waters. And then I thought about the time I was in the student union, many years ago, and walked into a student having an interview with Mr. Waters before an appearance he was making on campus. And I stuttered, and I said ?You?re John Waters!? And John Waters looked at me and said ?and you are????? all DROLL and he was SMOKING INSIDE A PUBLIC CAMPUS BUILDING! Which is great because it?s technically illegal.

Like I said, I don?t know why I think of things like that. Also, the student who was giving the interview is now Sig? roommate. And the DC101 morning peeps, like Elliott, were talking about visiting a nursing home in Springfield, MO my great-grandmother lived in. All is weird, the world is simply too small. And not enough.


Steel Reserve used to be my brand of choice in the genre of forties. I love forties, and SR has an 8.1% alcohol volume, which I always assumed was the largest. (I once beat Matt in a race to finish one, I did it in an hour. I also then made prank phone calls and did some vomiting, but that’s part of the fun of SR.) The smell of SR alone will knock you the fuck out.

News: there is a FORTY WITH HIGHER ALCOHOL PERCENTAGE. Good Christ on a cracker, it’s meant to kill, I’m sure. 8.5%. It’s called Camo-40 (I’m assuming in, like, “camoflauge”) and it’s in convenience stores in certain parts of NC. As soon as I find it around here, I am set for life. I’m thinking Southeast DC HAS to have some of that shit, if I dare to venture in.

So, Camo-40. Important.


I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, do not listen to this album, no matter what the voices in your head tell you. Christ.


I know a dude who set up a show with them one time at the Black Cat, just to get in the lead singer chicks pants. Funky.

Aphex Twin, Oh Richard, reviews:
Drukqs- 2001
“Windowlicker” (CD5)- 1999
Richard D. James Album/Come To Daddy- 1998
Richard D. James- 1997

Fest Tyme

So, O-Mers, I will see a select few of y?all at Yuan Fu?s Vegetarian on Saturday. It?s been too long, I say, it?s been much too long.

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  • i would have done the same if the pants deemed that funky


  • dude, i would expect nothing less from Hi Higness of Twat. Super!


  • dude, i would expect nothing less from His Higness of Twat. Super!


  • re: "and you are?"

    that’s classic. I must now stalk the strip clubs of Baltimore until I run into Mssr. Waters, just so I can faux-spontaneously blurt "You’re John Waters!" to see if he’d give the same reaction. scripted or not, it’s pricelessly him.

  • You’d love Germany – not many 40 ouncers, but the liters are killer. Highest percentage I recall was something like 12.5% alcohol.

  • Germany, yeah yeah. But I’m talking old-school classic AMERICAN ghettto FO-DIES in paper bags. Big Bear, St. Ides, Country Club, OE. Class really isn’t an issue.



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