since i’m a militant lesbian, you must be gay

regret (5k image)I‘ve been trying to produce THEBOBGREENE. for a few weeks now. I am working on 4 cuts off his CD. It is coming along, but it’s becoming more and more of a struggle cos the only time frames I typically get are blocks of 2-3 hours. I wish I could have blocks of 8-12 hours. I just don’t have THAT kind of time. Production is coming along. The patch bay is full and that is a good sign. I pulled out the BLUE BOX as well. Those MXR pedals do wonders. I get in to this flow and then it’s time to go to bed or I need to go out or I need to finish up other work. It’s an ongoing process that’s becoming more and more frustrating. I don’t like this. Cos it is what I enjoy the most. Why is that, that I prioritize this way. What a fucked up world. It’s cos of the anthrax. Everything is cos of the anthrax. Joey Belladonna is god. At least what I have done is something I like. I am not sure what he’ll think. Most of what I’ve done so far is quite minimal. And one track I’ve already over produced the hell out of it. It’s like “This Must Be the Place-THEBOBGREENE_MELODY.” Or something like that. I’ll still make a rough mix CD for Daniel tonight or tomorrow. I just don’t feel it’s there. And Allison needs something to work with for the artwork. Hmmm. Arg. It will happen. Yes. I am sure of it.

I did at least put in my time for my vacation in late December! Turns out the way Christmas works that my 5 day vacation will end up being almost 10 days with all the weekends and other holiday’s work gives us. Nice timing bucko. And the Christmas (or Holiday, for those PC fuckheads) Party is next Thursday. I even have a date. The apocalypse is near when Mat has a date. What the fuck.

if i should fall from grace with god

And now for another semi-elusive list:
#1 liked Luther Vandros
#2 liked Indigo Girls
#3 liked Juliana Hatfield
#4 liked Prince
#5 liked Bob Dylan
#6 liked Tori Amos
#7 liked Built to Spill
#8 liked Mazzy Star
#9 liked Isaac Hayes
#10 liked Leonard Cohen
#11 liked REM
#12 liked Nina Simone

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  • i completely trust your judgement with the mixes. do what you feel. and i’ll tell you if it sucks or not.

    how does it feel to be my bitch?

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