i wonder if that’s how astronauts do it

britney is hot (13k image)This morning I heard George Harrison died. Yes, it was expected, it’s just dreadful and at such a young age. I remember when I was 3 sitting on my parents bed listening to the radio with the pops. And hearing the news about John Lennon dying. It was a very sad time for my Father, as he was a huge Beatles/Lennon fan. Funny, how I cant remember something that happened 30 seconds ago, yet I remember that. The thing that really gets me were all the people that contacted me saying “Did u hear George Harrison died?” – Do they think I live in a box? I sure hope not. But #1, I work at a radio station, so news comes here before the public gets it (for the most part); #2 I use the internet, and news travels fast there; & #3 I am a Beatles fan, so needless to say, I am on it. Oh well, just a pet peeve. I must be in a bad mood. Emo Mat. It all just reminds me of when I got in to the Beatles pretty heavily. I guess it was Freshman year of High School. But it all really started in 7th grade when our class started studying the 60s and the music of that time. We actually had a unit specifically based on the music of the Beatles. Pretty awesome for a typical day in 7th grade. Anyways…it was 9th grade and my friend Sara Marcus started telling me all about Paul being Dead. This fascinated me. I forgot where I was going with this…so that’s it.

Yes I am frustrated. I think I have too much shit on my plate, I am just not sure if it’s a bad thing. I must be bad at that time management deal. I just don’t get people that work from 9-5 and then do nothing after work. You people blow my mind away. How boring. Stuff to do and get done:

01 Finish OMR003
02 Finish 4 bobgreene. cuts
03 Work on record/distribution contracts for label
04 Start stop-animation project with Emily
05 Redesign site
06 Work out details/contract for new house with Laura
07 Plan December Vacation
08 Be nicer to those less fortunate

Have you heard those Durex Condom commercials on the radio? They are funny as fuck. Highlights include: “I don’t know where I end and she begins” / “I felt like he was going to crush my ribs” / “She felt like warm marshmallows” – Yes, these lines were all spoken in the commercials. It’s not that bad, it’s just really odd to hear on a radio commercial. Gotta love it. Go get laid. And put on a Beatles record too.

no wonder your short stubby hairy ass doesn’t get any

mat: pooty?
Lilfeetnik: tang?
mat: yes!
Lilfeetnik: i wonder if that’s how astronauts do it?
mat: i think they do
Lilfeetnik: powdered pussy goodness

If I am ever that lucky to get married, I will not drive my parents nor anyone involved nuts. It will be simple. And effortless and not a fiasco. I will not burden anyone with anything. However, I do expect copious amounts of gifts and stuff from Ikea. But my vacation time got approved. And I just remembered I get 5 sick days as well, and I have yet to use one of them! So I may have to use some of them soon. Woooo!

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