it feels good

lance in space.  I flat love it. Tonight I am going to see Gorillaz. It is free; that is good; I am broke. BROKE. I have very little money, owe my mother $500, just bought plane tickets, and have completely forgotten that my RI-GODDAMN-DICULOUS car insurance will need to be paid shortly.

I pay more in car insurance than anyone else in the free world, I promise you.


At Least I Have Things Like This To Cheer Me Up: I am happier because of it.

Fast Times: Being the queen of reminiscing, I was doing some hard core this morning whilst pleasurably surfing I am in the process of making up some bitchin’ lies to put on this site. A friend of mine has already signed up with the married name of “Rofocale,” which is hilarious because that’s the name of Satan’s demon spawn or something and no one gets it but me. Super irony. I was also thinking of senior year when Kevin Seigel stapled my hair to the back wall and so I couldn’t turn my head all class, but that’s another story. And, after all, that was like 7 years ago or something.

A lifetime and a half.

The Olympics: I am sore from adventures in rollerblading. I am not very good, but I can at least do a few laps and get a decent workout without falling. If you are in the mood for pure comedy, please come watch me try to dodge six-year olds in the elementary school parking lots as they leave after-school activities each evening. It is a riot. Sig and I are thinking of developing a video that is a modern-day version of the opening to ‘Threes Company,’ wherein I check out his ass as he rollerblades by and I promptly fall off my bike. Or vice versa. Also, my aunt has proclaimed a crush on Apolo Anton because he has ‘great ethnic hair,’ whatever that means. That tart!

Work: a lot of it. My eyes are bloodshot in a serious way. Almost as bad as the time A. and I were discussing drugs in printmaking lab a long time ago in school, and some prissy girl overheard me and then looked at my crazy eyes and then told my printmaking teacher she was worried about my extracurricular activities. Awesome.

Survey Says:

– Angela from ‘My So Called Life’
– Jane Lane from ‘Daria’
– So British I’m Michael Caine
– Dressed out casual
– Soundtracked to the Eels ‘Electroshock Blues’
– Jewish (?)
– Nny! The Homicidal Maniac
– The Garden of Earthly delights by Heironomus Bosch
– Peter Gibson from Office Space
– Aligned with the element Air

Somewhere Out There: I ate a veggieburger, I kissed a boy, Flying Dog Beer was drunk/drank/drink-ed, someone’s Havin A Roni, I emailed Bun, I emailed Tim, I saw this, I told a lie, I ate jasmine rice and cappuccino meringues, I talked to my roommate, VISA bills were paid, I kicked ass in Trivial Pursuit, a large black man hugged a small white child until his ribs cracked.

My Ears: cell phones, the Executioners (?), Stevie Nicks, Porno for Pyros, george thorogood, Neil Diamond, Serge Gainsbourg, Cheap Trick, Pete Krebs, Death Cab, Convoy, Eels, Flaming Lips.

2 Responses to “it feels good”

  • my car insurance is virtually nothing now that i am 25!

    i rule!

    that exuberance flash file is funny as fuck!

    i found that last week and elliot put it on his amazing video section…totally insanity and non sequitor…

    i got a new frog!!!




    Credit where credit is due brotherman, I was the one that sent you that video to begin with!

    Tell elle-iot there’s a new ELLE in town.


    (PS, I am Angela on the cusp of Rayanne, OBVIOUSLY)

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