your phone’s off the hook but you’re not

Exene from X  (14k image)Soundtrack of the weekend:: Guided by Voices’ bee thousand, Can’s sacrilege, The Flaming Lips’ The Soft Bulletin Compendium, the Jon Spencer Blue Explosion’s orange, Cheap Trick’s gh, David Bowie’s The Singles 1969-1993, Soul Coughing’s 2 Meter Sessions, Yo La Tengo’s i can hear the heart beating as one, James’ whiplash.

Allison in DC! Woo! I got to National Airport in killer time. Less than 25 mins. I waited by farthest gate they’d let me go to before going through all the mad security. I waited there until Allison called me on the cell saying she was outside waiting for me. Ooops. I guess I missed her somewhere. So I picked her up and we mysteriously easily found my Buick. Since Allison was mad hungry from being on a flight that went from Louisville to St. Louis, we wound up heading to the Broadway Diner. Yum. It was pretty weird going there at 10pm. I havent really been there much that early. I used to go there early like that with Addy, but he has a girlfriend, and when he has a girlfriend, well we don’t hang often. So yeah, we talked for a long time…longer than expected. It was mega cool to catch up on her life. She’s always involved with killer cool things. Then we went back to my place and I virtually crashed right after. I felt bad, but I was mega tired.

On Saturday Daniel showed up at just after Noon. I couldnt believe how on-time he was. I guess, if a girl asks you to come a little early, it’s pretty hard to say no. I totally understand. So Daniel came and we all headed out to the Vegetable Garden in Rockville. I hadnt eaten there in years, prolly since I went there in college with Karin. It’s a killer great place, and the food is amazing. Our only quam was with the bar tender who made it his mission to rid his throat of any phlegm. It definitely wasn’t something that kept my appetite. And the Spearmints they had as we left were stale and generic. Gots to be Brachs…gots to

sex and dying in high society

We got to the Metro. We took it to Metro Center which was just north of the mall/smithsonian. We tried taking that to walk to the Smithsonian mall to find the tourists. Of course with my sense of direction, we totally went the wrong direction and it took until the men trying to sell us Moustache Trimmers and Allison taking out the map to realize we were pointed in the wrong direction. So we finally made it out to the mall. She found tourists to take pictures of for her project. My mini-project of the day was taking pictures of people (namely Allison) taking pictures of tourists. Worked out pretty well. Allison even got a Czech man. Even better was a trashy NJ couple. Gotta love that. We headed to the White House next. There was this man with leather pants that walked by. I snapped a shot of him all stealthy. Then this kid goes by on a bike and says what I was thinking, “Nice pants (then laughed loud)!!!” It was classic. Either he was French or he really needed a slap to the face. #1:: Yes, it’s December, but it was also 70 degrees that day. #2:: Who the fuck wears leather pants to look at the white house?! Then we all got some ice cream and Daniel got water. How can you not eat ice cream when offered ice cream?! I cant fathom the idea.

Next Allison II and her boy came by and we went to the Hirshhorn to see this guys exhibit. It was pretty lame. A lot of art installations really blow me away. Fucking lame. Like the toothpaste one in NYC, this one was pretty similar. There was just nothing amazing about any of it. It was all just really boring. Then we sat down on that couch and watched the MTV-like TV screens and Allison I made the really amazing comment that 10 years ago we’d have had a headache after 1 minute. But now, we’re so desensitized to that fast flash ADD style of TV. I do like a lot of what is at the Hirshhorn, but maybe it’s the stuff that I is always there. Like that guy who makes the mobiles out of steel shaped like fish.

los angeles

We all got in Allison II’s car and headed to Yuan Fu’s to meet up with Elle and Emily. For once I was late and they were on time. The food ruled. Not sure if anyone else liked it. I really like vegetarian food. If they didnt want to go there they should have said something but I really couldnt tell if they all liked it! Ha! Dinner was pretty uneventful, but good and fun, nonetheless. We then went back to DC to pick up another Allison friend, Rebecca. And since I started learning about grammar and the english language, everytime I think of the name Rebecca, I either think:: “Becca…again” or “Beccax2” — I digress. I think I hit a curb (early during the day I hit an ATM) and Daniel offered me a dollar to hit a coke machine. We then went to the Velvet Lounge which I’ve always wanted to go to. Then we hit 930 Club to see Soulive. Bottom line was: it rocked/funked. The badd parts obviously were whenever the sax would touch his horn. Ugh. Why do sax people ever solo? Mades me want to vomit in all directions. I just dont think I really like the sound of a sax. Except in a rhythm manner. Like Clerance. Soulive is way better off as a three piece. That drummer could hit quarter notes for 3 hours on his snare and i’d be a happy man. After that, we were pretty fucking exhausted. I know I was.

Emily and I were pretty touchy at the bar and at the club. Well I think we have been in general lately, but I particularly noticed it last night. It’s pretty odd observing all of this. Cos as my past exemplifies, I am not, by any means a touchy/feely person. Anyone who knows me will agree. But with Emily, I constantly want to hold her hand and touch her knee or rub her hair or belly. And I have no problem with her hanging her head on my shoulder. In fact it’s kind of nice. I don’t get it. But I do thing this is a good sign.

After I got up, I worked on thebobgreene’s stuff for almost 2 hours and Emily called me in the middle of that. She seems to always do that. Bizzare. Then Allison and Daniel got up and Daniel left and Allison and myself went to Subway to get foodage. I dropped Allison at the airport I went to Tower. I bought a few CDs: X’s Los Angeles (every person should own this in their record collection; Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan; The Cure’s Greatest Hits/Acoustic Hits (i really just wanted the acoustic hits); The Smashing Pumpkins’ greatest hits (i just wanted the b-sides). Stuff I want: The Velvet Underground’s live boxset, The Stanley Kubrick’s DVD Boxset, and there was some other shit, but I cant remember. Now I think I will watch a movie. Be gone. Zander you were missed, this weekend. Instead of you being the bottom of all comic relief, we gave Daniel a little bit of the burden. He thanks you. As do I.

Now go out there and touch the booty!

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