it’s too late now she’s got me dreaming

Dr. William Patterson - theorb (13k image)My favorite application entries to be my bitch:

From Allison:
Are you a musician or any other type of artist? (If so, please specify
i take pictures of highways and televisions and burning Muppets.
the usual.

From Elle:
Would you come to Elle’s and my country western party? DUDE you cannot joke
about something like that and then not follow through. i will get
straight-up MADONNA on your ass and come over and start some Johnny cash and
line dancing. I know how to do it right, I have cowboy friends!
If you answered yes, describe your costume: butt-less chaps.

From Emily:
What’s your favorite Frank Zappa quote? my name is
frank Zappa. this is my son Dweezil and my daughter moon unit. i am from

Keep those entries coming. They do provide me with a few minutes of entertainment, a piece. Even some that make me laugh out loud (see above) – usually getting a good “what’s so funny?” from one of my co-workers. Then I have to explain it to them…then I get a quirky look. Then a look of acceptance and a wink. You gotta love that. I love it when my co-workers forget who they are talking with. Sheeesh.

Stuff that happened today included:
* Laura and me getting lunch at the Vegetable Garden
* Laura taking me to my house to get my checkbook & a Cheap Trick CD
* Laura then taking me to the shop to pick up my car
* Paying for the fixing they did on all my collisions made my bank account sad
* I worked way too much and hard today
* I will even that out tomorrow and party on the desk all day long
* We all listened to Cheap Trick’s live at budokan
* All my co-workers made fun of how i said “budokan”
* But me and Laura talked a lot about the house we’re moving in to in June
* New Tape Op!
* Looking forward to the Kevin Sheilds (My Bloody Valentine, etc), Jimmy Johnson and Ryan Moore interviews
* The hits to my page since I fucked with the menu system have doubled
* Who the fuck cares?!
* I am my own soap opera
* I am part of the conspiracy at work as you’ll soon see
* You’ll find out on Thursday at the Holiday Party that I am taking Emily to, at least after…
* What are the implications of this?
* None, really. Other than the fact that my friends and co-workers at work will have some
* But as long as I can deal with those implications, all is well
* And I think I can
* I don’t think I will get to see Emily this weekend which is relatively sucky
* But I do have Guided by Voices’ Mag Earwhig and the ORB’s adventures beyond the universe playing simultaneously
* I dont get how the ORB isnt in everyone’s record collection
* I worked on AM stuff today
* That induced a headache
* Today was “music day” with the ever clever Buddy
* That is one of my favorite days cos we get to listen to new music and decide what actually gets put on the air
* It’s cool it’s only a select few of us
* Prolly cos we’re in the demo
* And we have good hair
* Or is that the Militant babies
* No, that is a Guided by Voices song
* I wonder when the blister on my foot will heal
* Maybe that is why I am so zitty lately
* And why are the label reps that come to our station the scum of the earth?
* Fucking pimps and in that not-so-cool kinda way
* Makes me ill

I‘ve notice when I dont really feel like writing much, I use bullets. I guess this fools my mind in to thinking I’ll write less. It’s total bullshit. Totally. Totally totalled. Totally tubular. Boca burgers for dinner is the best. Best!

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