i’ve waited hours for this, i’ve made myself so sick

yes, he has feelings...some feelings you will never ever have........robertsmith (10k image)It’s funny what small things in this world will make you forget about things that have been bringing you down for so many years. Funny how that works out. Even more funny how I can laugh at it now. It used to be a silenced sigh. Now it’s utter disappointment. But it’s all in the past and totally out of my hands. Anger and resentment will always be there with a lining of love. That love will always be there. Like pierced skin. It’s a naked truth that I hide from even myself too many hours during the days. But we all have to move on.

On to other stuff….

Tonight me and the Moms went to Panera Bread for dinner. We both got chicken sandwiches. And there was this really cute looking Israeli girl sitting on the couch reading a book she just got at Barnes and Noble. Then on the way out me and the Moms got some pasteries to bring home. I noticed the cashier girl totally checked out my woofie of a zit on my cheek. I sorta chuckled. Oh well.

Then i went to Blockbuster and rented PEARL HARBOR. I dont care what anyone else says, I liked it. I even liked Titanic. Yes, the plot lines wore thin, but they are theatrical commercial war movies. What do you expect? The battle scenes in Pearl Harbor were great. Perhaps I am really in to the war movies because it’s a secret passion of mine to become a pilot. Who knows. I do know that yes, the love stories in both movies were accentuated way too much. But we all have love in our lives. Some more than others. Some of it makes us sick. Some of us just envy. Some just jealousy. You would be ignorant to say you dont wish to have that, at times. And yes, the girl in Pearl Harbor was a slut.

Today at word we started learning Flash. Pretty interesting stuff. I still feel dirty messing with that stuff. Not too sure why, but I do know that I feel so much better and more productive when I am not in front of the computer when I get off work. Thank goodness i’ve not needed to be on the computer after work much. But work was cool today. I got Twix’s twice today and both times they were shared with Laura. She’s a funny girl. Totally on the same wave length as me sometimes. We are starting a quote tree. Basically anytime anyone says anything remotely funny we write it down on a note card and put it on the bulletin board. Some of this shit is really funny. Most are incredibly sexual inside jokes. Also on a side note, I love how that H to the Izzo song samples the Flaming Lips. I hope they are getting properly compensated. Maybe for once, Warner Bros. Records will do something right.

this is stranger than i thought, six different ways inside my heart

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