she can take the dark out of the nighttime

dylan is the cliche everyone should have as a role model for eloquence and simplicity ------ dont mind YOUR voice as well.....(13k image)I [heart]

* hershey’s syrup on chocolate chip ice cream
* shampoo and conditioner in one
* when my receipts have XXXX’s instead of my credit card #
* when your co-workers understand your spinal tap jokes
* when the key fits
* to be stuck inside of mobile with the memphis blues again
* being able to move on without forgetting
* postcards from helle
* getting a butt load of extra vacation days
* her soft kisses
* frank zappa on a cold winter day
* sunday morning’s cold sunshine with arms wrapped around
* napping
* when your mother comes in to your room and calls what you’re listening to
* girls who have no issues
* when lara sings to erasure at work
* when zander has no clue what he’s talking about
* getting the balls to redesign
* that i’ll be fun finding the time to do so
* server includes
* fire logs
* the fact that i have no clue what that pouch is at the end of her bed on the table
* jewish food
* elle’s uncanny wit and blonde hair
* that henry rollins gets a street named after him in rockville
* subway condiments and vegetables (notably the cucumbers)
* the fact that i’ve been dating her for a while now and we’ve yet to get fast food
* she has a cute tummy i get to play with
* bob dylan’s voice and hair
* sleep
* my light brown suede jacket
* shopping
* the lack of drama in my life

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