satan oscillate my mellatic sonatas

You fucking wanker!Sometimes I wonder why people smell so bad. Do they just don’t bathe? Do they not know they stank? Is it that hard to invest in deodorant? Can they not afford it? Should I tell them? I think I should. I wish I cared enough. I guess I would tell them if I lived with them or what not. However I did live with a guy who smelled odd at times. But that was due to his serious medication. That was just bizarre. I felt a little bad for him because of that, so I never made it an issue. But he was an exception. Why? Cos he ruled. Yup. I play favorites. Maybe I do. Why shouldn’t I? Like candy, you need ones you like more than others.

Thursday after work I headed out to Baltimore to go to Emily’s Father’s Christmas Party. Or I guess it’s a “Holiday Party” because he is 25% Jewish and 25% Black. You gotta love a Father who is a little nutty like that. The party was pretty cool. Good food. Except the abundant amounts of fish shit everywhere. Why are there copious amounts of nasty ass fish products for appetizers at these parties. Oh well. We all can’t be perfect. I did get some steak. I haven’t had much red meat in a long while. It tasted SOOOOOOO good. Luckily they weren’t cooking the bloody flesh in my face like that rather gross Korean restaurant. How could those Koreans think that would be appetizing. At least they make those cool toys I used to always get at the kiddy dentist.

At the party I noticed that Bob (Emily’s Father) introduced me a few times to his co-workers/friends as “Mat – he works with Clear Channel and DC101” – He also used the catch phrase “He works in the Radio Industry” a few times. Just kinda odd. Not sure if I deserve those credentials at this point in time. Nor do I need them? It would have been pretty funny if he introduced me as “This is Mat, he likes the word POOTIE TANG” – Oh well. I did get to meet Shawn. Shawn used to be Sherri. I couldn’t tell. I liked Shawn a lot. He was very cool and down to earth and very funny at times. Next to Annette and Billy, Shawn is right near. We talked a little about puberty and made fun of Emily for living in Baltimore a few times. Simple equation. You do the math.

Yesterday was kinda fun. Our GSM (General Sales Manager) had a Christmas Party I wasn’t planning on going to. But I sorta got suckered in to going. I had so much work to do. But I went anyways. Great food as well. And you cant turn down getting a couple of beers during the day and getting paid for it. Nothing better. We even did superlatives like in high school. Rather funny. Of course my dealt with dresses. After that, I did power work to get all my shit done. Friday night I didn’t go much of anything. Chatted with Ely and friends in his super charged chat room. Then I watched THE BRIDGET JONE’S DIARY. What is it with American’s trying to be British. It just doesn’t work. A good punch in the face and coffee spots would make it much more realistic. And why do all British people look like Tim Booth?! I don’t get it. After that I spent a few hours re working OM. I like the colors. Not sure I like the layout. It looks way too livejournal / blogger indeed. Or rather they look like me. So I best be changing it. I think I will beef it up during my vacation with Emily. EMILY!

Today I went to get my car inspected for emissions. I passed. Like a mofo! Now it’s after noon, my foot is asleep, it’s sunny outside and I am hungry. I did get a CD from Feetnik. She bought me SPOON “Girls Can Tell”. I’ve heard good things about them and I am listening to them now. She rules. I am gonna go eat and sit outside…

honey, just allow me one more chance

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