it may be snobby and exclusive but get over it

Mr. Eaton circa 1994 --- mreaton (11k image)So in High School we were cooler than cool. Actually we weren’t cool. I sort of had an exclusive group of friends my senior year. We were primarily the kids in the Latin class for first period. Sara was in the crew too, but she didn’t take the class. There were a few others as well. Basically we all knew we were smarter and more ambitious than any one else at that school. We knew we weren’t going to be accountants or car sales men. We had better plans. We also made our own year book. We were THAT cool.

Mr. Eaton was our Latin Teacher/Decided Guru through High School. He was a very brilliant man. He also said some very brilliant things and provided all of the quotes in our yearbook. Here are some highlights:

“The amazing thing was that when I was born I had a dictionary in my hand.”
“There is no reason why you as an individual should not broaden your linguistical horizons.”
“It is a very easy thing to do – skipping from one gender to the other.”
“The whole world is rigged, you know.”
“If you have to move out of that hotbed of revolutionary activity in order to concentrate, please do so.”
“If music be the food of love, play on, baby!”

We weren’t really cool. We did listen to the Smashing Pumpkins and Jane’s Addiction before they became huge. Some listened to They Might Be Giants. We did go to the 9:30 Club before it moved to V Street. We did know about Traxx before other people knew it was OK to be gay. We did go to protests downtown supporting a women’s right have a fucking abortion if she so desired such an activity. We did go to Georgetown and pretend we didn’t have to be in 5th Period Marching Band. We did go to Fells Point in Baltimore on Senior Skip Day. We did go to Union Station just to hang out. We did go to the Outter Circle in DC and watched films. We were the ones that didn’t go to the pep rallies (or at least if in band, ditched it right after). We were the ones that said “Fuck it and you!” on a daily basis and outloud. We barely noticed the minute vibration of the football team and cheerleaders. We knew that makeup was for ugly people. We knew there was more to life. I wore dresses in high school. I wore nail polish. I frequently wore large blue afro wigs. I even wore tight long john’s and shorts. Sometimes with tights. Was I a freak? A lot of people tended to think so. Would I be now? Doubtful. I guess I was just an expressive kid. Did I turn out ok? I think so. I don’t eat bat’s heads now do I?

We were fucking cool.

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