heroin (the matrix, san fran) 12-03-69 8.11

yup, it's a schematic.  yup, there is an ic chip.  yup, i know what they do.  follow the leader.  schem (1k image)Allison put up pictures of the Poster Children playing in Chicago. Rose rules. Rose 2004. I still have a large crush on her even after she made fun of me in Nashville. And Feets graduated!! Feets Graduated!!! Goddam! I also missed Trans Am tonite.

Tonight I hung out with Awapy. We went to the diner as our staple for starting the night. I got apple pie and coffee and she got some strawberry cake thing. Looked amazing. I hadn’t seen her since mid summer. It was great catching up with her. We looked for cameras for her as well. Tomorrow we may go to Penn Camera to try some out and to shoot some rolls of film. Who knows. Also, she’s single. Any guys wanna date a mega fun and tall girl? She has dyed black hair too! Apply with in…you must give good head though. That is the bottom line. Good head. Good rule of thumb for most anything in life.

We also went to Tower Records. I picked up a few goodies. I got the Velvet Underground’s Bootleg Series Volume 1: The Quine Tapes Box Set, My Bloody Valentine’s loveless, and Bob Dylan’s live at budokan. It’s nothing like Cheap Trick’s, but it’s very cool arrangement of his typically acoustic songs. I love me some Bob. I also got Spinal Tap on DVD for Laura. Cos when we move in together in June we are having a Spinal Tap party. It’s also her favorite movie. So works out great for all of us. These go to eleven

That’s about it. Oh yeah, we have a leak in the other bathroom. To the Pops turned off the water to prevent the water from leaking in to the kitchen more. So after coming back from Awapy’s house at 2am I really needed to pee. But since the water was off, I had to pee outside. What a good feeling it was peeing outside on my lawn! Damn I wish someone had a camera. I peed for a while too. All that coffee. And the steam was very classy. Mega class. Mega pee. Mega dead grass. black angel’s death song

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