Re: Happy Birwthday Mista Pwesident… (fwd)

yup, it's a map (11k image)ok, so take XX north to XXX west. follow signs to XXXX. i think that entails taking XXX briefly after XXX but you can just follow the signs. the offramp into XXXX will take you past a new technology building on your right and then end at XXXXXXX circle which circles the campus. take a left onto that. you’ll follow that and go through a stop sign or two. take a right at the light which is XXXXXXX drive. that will take you between a couple parking lots and point you directly at the fine arts building. the building to the right of that is the engineering and computer science building which is where i am. so you can follow the drive all the way down and go to the right an dpark in lot 16. the gate should still be up today. if not, park in one of the other lots then. between those two buildings is a set of steps, go down the steps to the next story down. go in the door on the building on the right. turn toeards the right and you’ll see a stairway, go down the stairs one level and go towards your left. go down the hall a little ways and poke your head in the first computer lab you see on your right. i’m in there. if you can’t find the building, ask someone where the ECS is. if you can’t find the lab in the building, take the stairs or elevator all the way down to the ground floor, and look for room 021 or 021A (they’re the same room). if you really get lost, ou can try calling me and maybe my phone will work.

also, here’s a link to t a campus map:

you’re coming form the region of B4 and you’re oging to building 12 in B2.


see you soon!!!


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