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mat sans skirt dec 2001 (15k image)Yes that is me from the DC101 High School 2001 Year Book Superlatives. Too fucking funny. I’ll post more later on this week or not. (2 New random cam stills at the bottom right, btw. click reload a few times to check it out…)

Today was an interesting day. Basically the dudes from corporate came down to fuck with our sites yet again. They are going to be the backend. The backend that used to be in L.A. These people aren’t as fake and actor-like. (Minus Joe of course) – There was just something about that L.A. crew that emanated shit. They were full of it, for one thing. So anyways. Our new site is going to be all PHP. So we’re basically pouring it all in to the PHP site and Q/A-ing it. Fun fun. This stuff is fine and dandy. Hopefully when we pull the switch the transition will be seamless. It will most likely take more time for me to get used to it as opposed to the end user. But yeah, these guys from Chicago and Cincinnati are way cooler than the L.A. crew. Basically they know what they are talking about. They know that when you just resize an image in code the image file size will stay the same. Those L.A. people tried to say it would be “thumbnail size” or “smaller” – What the fuck did they know about design. Fucking wankers. I did like Joe though. Hell, he engineered a Dokken record. That’s fucking cool.

damn i wish i was short, fat and ugly with a bad sense of humor

Laura (from work) got me a Christmas present. Or a holiday one. Or whatever the fuck you wanna call it. I still think it’s all bullshit and lazy ass hallmark excuses, but whatever. She got me this Michael Ochs book called “1000 Record Covers” – Yeah, this guy is my hero. He has over one million archived photos of rock peoples. He also has over 100,000 vinyl records in his collection. So envious. I bought her Spinal Tap on DVD, as it’s her favorite movie of all time. How can you not love a girl whose favorite movie is Spinal Tap.

After work my mother picked me up to drop me at the gas station to pick up my car. My breaks needed to be fixed. And I needed a lube, oil, and filter change. That only set me back $300.00 Blah! No more money will be spent. No more I tell you! Oh, and the ceiling in the kitchen is all cut up. It’s kinda cool and industrial (not like Nine Inch Nails industrial, but like cool industrial) looking now. Oh well. I had left over food from last nite at the diner. Yum yum. Tonight I am gonna watch Turner and Hooch. Why you ask? Cos my life is way more cooler than yours!

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