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as uber as you wanna be (11k image)Thursday night after work, I went out to Baltimore. Wooo Baltimore after dark. I still think of 98 Rock whenever I think I Baltimore. I remember 8th grade listening to 98 Rock. Def Leppard, AC/DC, Motley Crue and whatnot. I loved that station. I know nothing about it now however. I wonder how they are all doing. I never really got to know the DJs however, so I find it really weird that the DC101 listeners all know the DJs. It’s kinda spooky. But anyways…Brea and Eddie both came over and we went to the Helmut for some Afghanistan cuisine. That place is really yummy. And the bread they give you is great. We all had some wine and after two glasses I was pretty tipsy. Which is not really like me with wine. I thought it odd. Also our “to-go” boxes has American flags plastered on that. That was rather tacky.

After dinner we all contemplated where to go. Brea and Eddie wanted to check out this new ultra-uber-swank bar down the street. They knew the doorman so we wouldnt have to pay the cover. Supposedly they turn away people who weren’t on par with the dress and style. But it wasnt one of those places where the people were creative in their attire. It was more like, how is your Abercrombie turtle neck matching your Britches slacks. And “Oh my god, he’s wearing WHITE SOCKS!” So at first we just decide to drive by and scope it out. But I guess that wasnt enough. We end up going in. It was like a bar from Melrose Place. Everyone was wearing turtle necks and drinking wine or Martini’s. It was just gaudy as sin. Ostentatous was a good word for it all. Just too much. Overkill of the swank and in a bad way. Sure it was nice. But I really just wanted to give them some Iggy Pop and drop my pants. Then rub peanut butter all over my body and rub it on the rest of the 90210 crew there. Fucking lighten up. Emily bought be an 8 dollar glass of wine, and by the time I was done with that I was really feeling fucked up. I think it was the antihistimines. Damn I felt really stoned. Like HOOKA stoned. A feeling i’ve not felt in years. Reminded me why I gave it all up. We eventually ended up sitting in this high spot of the club. Almost an overlooking terrace which would have been perfect for a DJ to have been set up. Instead the DJ was set up on the opposite end of the bar. Kinda bad placement if you ask me. So yeah, the place kinda sucked. Or just wasnt for me. But I should have known it when we all walked in and everyone just kinda looked you over pricing out each layer of clothing. I guess since our total montage of clothes didnt go over 10,000 smackers we didnt get the royal treatment. Not that I would have wanted that anyways. I hate people like that. Fucking wankers galore. So that was thursday. At least the bathroom was typical and dirty with piss all over. Cos if it wasnt I was going to pee all over the wall.

Friday we went to Rockville to bake. We basically baked for 8 hours. We made those cookies that are two cookies which chocolate in between like a sandwich. I am drawing a blank on what it is called. We also made an Apple Cake with chocolate chips and poppyseed cookies garnished with colored sugar around them. Yum! Inbetween all that the rents ordered Chinese Food for all of us. It was yummy as well.

Now it’s Saturday morning. I am playing with Mulligan and Lulu and my nose is dripping like there is no tomorrow. It’s freezing in here. But it’s kinda nice. Emily is in the other room sound asleep. Tonight is her graduation party. Should be fun! Wooo! Pictures to come.

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