druid health district 1515 w. north ave

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites which is used for navigation and precise geodetic position measurements ---- Nico (4k image)There was a time in my life where I thought everything was laid out in a neatly organized puzzle. Around a year ago, that puzzle was shattered. I said goodbye. I felt a little of that goodbye tonight. Alas this time, it’s just a feeling and not a reality. Very weird. But very comfy equally.

This morning I got up around 6am. I think we both fell asleep to the TV or something. I got up, peed and turned off all the lights that had been left on. Lulu was yelping. I wish I knew Ted Nugent, for once. I did manage to get a few more Zzzzz’s until we both woke up around 11 or so. We both then headed out to the clinic. We got there and I noticed we were the only white people there. It was nice though because we weren’t getting any looks. There was a quaint e waiting room of 70’s shades of yellow and orange. Similar to that of the DC Metro. There was a semi-large wait for a doctor to see us, but the nice man told us to come back later for an appointment. So we left and headed back over to Fells Point to pick up the Zander for lunch…

We found his place surprisingly, with out directions too! I guess the “Caution: Guard Dog Present” or something helped, but still. I played with Shelby and chatted small talk with the Zander’s Pops a bit. We headed to the Paper Moon Cafe for some yum yums. I got my now staple breakfast/lunch of:

::scrambled eggs
::hash browns (all of the above is covered lightly in pancake syrup with salt & pepper)
::rye toast
::freshly squeezed oj

Lunch or whatever that meal was was nice. Catching up with Zander was cool. We talked about the D Plan show a bit and people from Baltimore. Or something. I almost forget now. After that we dropped off Zander and headed back to her apartment so I could poodoo. Then we headed to the clinic. We got our numbers and waited for the doctor to see us. Or me and her individually. The funny deal was that they had a TV on in the waiting room and it was pumping in HBO or something cos Half Baked was on. Quite humorous thinking about it. It’s a hospital (clinic), yet there is this movie glorifying pot smoking. Just amusing to me. The whole time I was just worried that I just peed and wouldn’t have enough pee for the doctor. So the doctor saw me. It was a female doc. She was funny. Asked me questions about oral sex. If I’d used condoms. If I’ve been paid for sex. If I’ve had anal. If I’ve done cocaine. Stuff like that. Also the chart had be listed as being born on 1907. She found that to be incredibly funny. After that she took my throat culture and then asked me to drop trou’. I did, and she squeezed my wang a bit. Then the time came. I needed to get the male equivalent of the ladies’ pap smear. It was basically a plastic tooth pic that went in my pee hole. Mega-luckily I had some juice towards the tip, so she didn’t have to go too far in. I cant even imagine the pain that some people have to go through just to get tested. So it wasn’t that bad. All this time I was really just thinking about how easy that throat culture was as compared to when I would have fits as a child. Then I went next door and the other nice lady and she took some blood. Only two vials. She was really gentle and fell in love with my veins. Yes, i got big ones. She kept on talking about her son who was in the air force and lived in Turkey. Nice lady. Then after that I went in the waiting room to wait for my results for the works of the testing (minus the HIV test). I finally got called back again and she told me, “You have the nicest and most clean penis I’ve ever seen in a 94 year old man.” What a joker. It was quite humorous considering all the circumstances that could typically happen in this situation. So I did it. I got tested for STDs. Granted I can count my lovers on one hand, but it’s just something I’ve needed to do for a while now. The HIV test is due back next week. A little anxious about that one. Time will tell. That was my adventure with Emily for the afternoon.

After getting tested and hooked up with condoms for the next millennium we went back home to make dinner. Then we went to the Charles to see the Royal Tannenbaum’s. Very clever movie. Very “Rushmore” – Very symmetric – Very dark – Very pink, red and blue – Very 70s – Very good music (Nico, Velvet Underground, Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, the Ramones and others.) The score was even done by Mark Mothersbaugh. Fun. Now I am home. I am ready for work tomorrow. It’s been over 2 weeks. Time for a fresh new year. Oh yeah, and I got a hair cut. And lucky for me, the doctor didn’t need a pee sample!

Happy Birthday Elle!!!! & please email mat new poll ideas…

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