zabriskie point

the explosion at the end is my favorite part**IN SERIOUS PURSUIT OF DISTRACTION** (lifted from Bun’s liva-ma-journal)

01. name? Juicy McBooby
02. d.o.b.? 01.02.7something
03. location? virginia
04. religion? sometimes
05. occupation? cub scout den mother, librarian, rock star, whistler, writer, laugher, designer, e-mailed, bill-payer, chapstick-wearer, gubment-droner.

01. hair? blond
02. eyes? greeny-blue
03. height? 5’9″.
04. weight? more than you’d think.

01. clothing? no style
02. music? all
03. makeup? mascara
04. bodyart? I draw with red crayon!!

right now
01. wearing? gold sweater, gray pants, black boots, silver earrings
02. listening to? Whiskeytown, birthday mix tape from sig
03. thinking of? The poem ‘itacha’
04. feeling? itchy

last thing you…
01. bought? amazon stuff
02. did? cracked my neck
03. ate & drank? chicken sammich. Root beer.
04. read? the City Paper
05. watched on tv? “Undeclared”

01. club or houseparty? houseparty
02. tea or coffee? tea.
03. high achiever or easy-going? easygoing
04. beer or cider? Yes
05. drinks or shots? drinkypoos
06. cats or dogs? dogs
07. single or taken? taken
08. pen or pencil? pen
09. gloves or mittens? gloves
10. food or candy? food and candy.
11. cassette or cd? either.
12. snuff or cigarettes? neither
13. coke or pepsi? diet coke
14. hard or mild alcohol? hard
15. matches or a lighter? lighters
16. rickie lake or oprah winfrey? to hunt?

01. food? pad thai
02. drink? cran and vodka
03. color? gold
04. album? actual tigers ‘graveled and green’
05. shoes? my black leather boots
06. site? OM!
07. dance? tango
08. song? ‘lovin I nmy baby’s eyes’, taj mahal
09. vegetable? squash
10. fruit? apple
11. berry? raspberry

Do you…
Live in the moment? Not enough
Have a dream that keeps coming back? yes.
Play an instrument? I could probably still squeak out some french horn
Read the newspaper? City Paper, salon, the Post
Believe in miracles? small ones
Consider yourself tolerant of others? on good days
Consider love a mistake? ‘to believe that it could even BE a mistake betrays an incapacity for love’
Like the taste of alcohol? yes
Have a favorite candy? All kinds but no nuts please
Believe in astrology? More enthralled with than a true believer
Pray? occasionally
Have any secrets? Everyone SHOULD have secrets
Have any pets? 1 fish
Go to or plan to go to college? went
Talk to random IM people? Not really
Wear hats? Hats are good! i have a English rugby team one i like most
Have any piercings? Ears, lots.
Have any tattoos? 0
Collect anything? Clutter in general
what do you want? peace of mind

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