/ .exe

**Because i never post any original content on my site** (lifted from elle)

01. name? do the alfonso
02. d.o.b.? ten days after elle (better not forget it bitch)
03. location? i pay my state taxes to the state of maryland
04. religion? like john coltrane?
05. occupation? domestic dabler, cliche, pootie tang, sound collector, and yes i am better than you

01. hair? brown
02. eyes? hazel
03. height? 5’10″ish
04. weight? 126 lbs.

01. clothing? cordoroy pants
02. music? good music. yes.
03. makeup? isn’t makeup for ugly people?
04. bodyart? um.

right now
01. wearing? my new (and now favorite) pair of blue cords, yellow wool sweater, toe socks elle got me last year
02. listening to? glossary’s 2nd cd, why? I have no clue…boredom maybe
03. thinking of? food
04. feeling? tired

last thing you…
01. bought? lunch at yuan fu’s
02. did? cleared the patch bay at skylab
03. ate & drank? brocolli and rice w/ orange soda
04. read? reading is for suckers
05. watched on tv? the news

01. club or houseparty? trivial pursuit
02. tea or coffee? coffee if shitty, tea if sick
03. high achiever or easy-going? an easy-going high achiever
04. beer or cider? orange soda
05. drinks or shots? i like wine in shot glasses
06. cats or dogs? dogs
07. single or taken? smitten, sorry boys
08. pen or pencil? pen
09. gloves or mittens? mittens with the string that goes thru your jacket
10. food or candy? candy, and lots
11. cassette or cd? vinyl
12. snuff or cigarettes? cigarettes, but snuff sounds cooler
13. coke or pepsi? orange soda
14. hard or mild alcohol? orange soda
15. matches or a lighter? zippo
16. rickie lake or oprah winfrey? david duchonovy

01. food? anything from juan fu’s or dark chocolate
02. drink? orange soda
03. color? shades of yellow, green, purple
04. album? sonic youth’s evol is pretty darn good today
05. shoes? yellow pumas or black dm’s
06. site? 7
07. dance? the robot
08. song? i heard it through the grapevine as performed by marvin gaye
09. vegetable? brocolli
10. fruit? green apple
11. berry? anybetter

Do you…
Live in the moment? i thought so
Have a dream that keeps coming back? other than the hair loss one, no
Play an instrument? yes, but would love to learn french horn
Read the newspaper? sometimes i peruse the city paper
Believe in miracles? only the one’s i read about in the bible, but i dont really believe in them, so no.
Consider yourself tolerant of others? absolutely not
Consider love a mistake? unless she’s really dumb and a mistake
Like the taste of alcohol? i like reisling wines
Have a favorite candy? whachamacalit
Believe in astrology? seldom, but funny to read
Pray? we got to pray just to make it today
Have any secrets? full of them
Have any pets? i will soon have a brother-in-law
Go to or plan to go to college? been there
Talk to random IM people? try to block them quickly
Wear hats? yes, even a stetson chapot
Have any piercings? nope
Have any tattoos? nope
Collect anything? recordings (vinyl and cd), mail addressed to me, stickers, boxer shorts
what do you want? to give peace a chance

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