gonna fight and tear it up in a hypernation for you

britney spears is cute  ---  ugly (10k image)270 emails & 18 phone messages later I was ready to start my first day back on the job. Ick. Too many emails and phone calls to return. Most I wont even bother. If it was important, they will call back. Yes, I am one of them. Fuck it. That’s about it. I am happy to be back at work. It was nice to see all the people i havent seen in 2 weeks. I was almost itching to get back to work, in fact. Or something.

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Karin was in town so we chatted on the phone for a little & that was cool. Wasn’t really in the mood to hang with anyone. I just wanted to lay low tonight and chill. I am going skiing on Saturday! Christy may actually come out! Not out of the closet, but out to hang. Woo! Snow!

why was glossary’s 2nd cd so god-awful and elvis costello’s 1st cd so god-good

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AOL’s Browser 6.25%
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www.louisville.edu/~aecuyj01/ 5.80%
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