lowlights and jesus

the sound, it's cold at night I Enjoy Making Things Seem Like Titles by Random Capitalization.

So, hi!


I feel; like my updates here are becoming weak, maybe it’s my boring life. I can’t seem to think of anything that would interest me enough to write it down, let alone interest someone else enough to read it. I try.

I spent Friday night in the hospital waiting for someone to hurry up and grace the world with their presence. The grandparents handed out propaganda, I mean, pamphlets to the hospital cafeteria workers, trying to convert them. Turn them on to the love of Jebus. I just sat and read Shannon’s people magazine and muttered mean things under my breath, it�s a good thing they are hard of hearing. That being done by 7:000ish, Sig and I headed out to Ze Cinema.

Amelie (or Le fabuleux destin d’Amlie Poulain): I saw this movie on Friday night and hot damn, it’s good. I think Sig might have a small crush on Audrey Tautou. The movie is good, it’s charming it’s precocious, Audrey-as-Amelie is cute as fucking hell. The best part of this movie, besides one hilarious sex scene, was going onto imdb.com when we got home. The only review was titled �THERE IS NO HELL, ONLY FRANCE.�

Obviously, not everyone is a fan.


I went and got my haircut, so it is shorter now and it has WHITE HIGHLIGHTS, so I can�t decide whether this is rockstar, or this is sorority, because when the woman blow-dried it, I had some serious Texas cheerleader hair going on. It was POOF. After that, I went and bought rollerblade protective gear for Sunday. And I saw baby again. She is wee. Then I went back to Sig’s place and we scanned photos of his I wanted, from New Years, from his sister’s graduation, from Idaho, from Outer Banks, from various places and things and people.


After sleeping in and deciding NEIGH against the Redskins game due to the craptastic weather, Sig and I went shopping/browsing and moved some more furniture into his Jeep to move into the new house (HARDWOOD FLOORS! I can barely contain my excitement.) Then we got Pizza Hut and sat around with his roommates to watch the Redskins game. Actually, the guys watched the game, Laura, his roommates girlfriend, and I talked about the magazine “Real Simple” and about how we both want to buy a house and paint rooms red. I like her. The afternoon was so very sexist and 1950s. Then I went home, baked chocolate chip cookies, and watched the Simpsons and Grease II. Yes I did.

I thought the hair would change things, instead, the weekend was even more boring and uneventful than usual. It was lazy, it was cold out, and I liked it.


Anna Catherine, born January 4, 2002. 7 lbs, 10 oz.

Speaking of cute as fucking hell. She doesn’t even have that crazy-monkey-ugly newborn look. And, she looks like her mom, which is a good thing. God, she’s going to be spoiled. Welcome to the world, baby girl. It sucks. You’re gonna love it.

It�s good to see you happy.

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