oh you so mean, leave me in the street

challis, Idaho. 2000- what you see, what you saw I question those pop up windows that proclaim they are the World�s Biggest Casino. Not all of them can be the World�s Biggest Casino�s. It�s just plain false advertising, and it pisses me off. If I want to throw away money, I want it to be at the REAL World�s Biggest. Not some poser casino.


Sig and I ate pizza and had a long talk about dreams last night, and how upset he is that he doesn�t write down his dreams, because he feels like one of these days a really great screenplay is going to come to him. Last night his dream had something to do with bodies, it made me think of that really shitty Judd Nelson made-for-TV movie where he kills a bunch of girls at his summer cabin and then weighs their feet down with cinderblocks and dumps them in a lake, so he�s growing an underwater garden of girls. Unfortunately, that has already been thought of, and it wasn�t very good. So Sig needs to keep dreaming. I�m sure something will come to him.

My Bum is on the Swedish

Things are good. I am well, loved ones are well, work is relatively well. Of course, that�s when karma decides to be a whore, and thus I blew a tire on the way to work today. It was almost beautiful� those tires are practically new, so I must have hit something that punctured it before it exploded. It was like slow motion, and it wasn�t even scary, even though I was doing about 70 mph. It was neat. Pieces of rubber went everywhere, parts even hit the stupid Kia Sportage behind me. I think my observations simply mean one thing; I am getting way to used to car trauma. I think the Volv is held together with Scotch tape. Either that, or I really pissed someone off in a former life and payback stinks.

Turn Your Ticket In

I miss being carless, almost. I don�t miss being reliant on others, but I do miss the lack of responsibility that reliance like that brings. I miss sunsets. I miss nice people who have simple problems. Sig sent me a link about fainting goats yesterday. I miss goats. I miss dust. I think this all means I miss Idaho. The state itself, not the state of mind. I want to cross the Mississippi again. You can never work your life backwords I guess. It�s just like Kierkegaard said.

Hey There Young Feller

Justin�s started his animation short, and it�s great. He even has a production company in the works. I was thinking a lot about him last night as I drove to Sig�s, and how much great stuff the two of us could come up with if we lived on the same coast, or in the same town, and how we wasted four years playing games when we should have buckled down and commenced to collaboratin�. I thought about where my life would lead me, and how different things would be without Sig, and how I wouldn�t be living here, but there. And all that made me wonder. You can talk trash about Gwyneth Paltrow, but I still liked that �Sliding Doors� movie of hers. Anyways, he called just as I was thinking about him; he called just to talk about Edward Hopper paintings. He�s like no other friend. It�s the smiles he gives me, they count. The smiles Sig gives me count like no others though, and so I stay. Justin will make poetry for my wedding someday.

I went where all the girls are beautiful
Golden hair and radiant smiles
And cocaine high oblivion to pain
It made me feel so damn inadequate
And insane for the feel good feeling
High inside their helium trancemade vapor
Feeling grim and grimy
Oh Tokyo�s not far enough away

I don my fake fur feather boa lust like Noah
Tiger skin fucking mackin the clones ain’t got no style
Wait a while and you can turn on the dial
And see my face with cuties gettin so much booty I
T’s my duty to rock this fucker like Stan getz
Get your paws off my cigarettes
I smoke sherman you german looking vermin
You’re squirmin now
Oh Tokyo�s not far enough away

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  • Dude, that Judd movie is called ‘secret garden’ and thee is a sequel. I saw them a couple of weeks ago on cable.

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