is this a polite way of saying “nice ass”

blah blah blah..i know you're out there.......matsock (9k image)Today was one of those quirky days where you really didn’t do anything, yet the time went by so quickly. I have been working on this corporate site for a few days now. It’s been like weeks in the planning (in my head…), but I have finally started to lay coding. Fun. I had to show my progress to the boss today expecting him to say, “Be gone. This is awful. Start over!” But surprisingly he loved it. His only suggestion was changing the menu from being horizontal to being more vertical. So woo! Yeah, in addition to DC101 i do actually have 5 other sites I work on. A DC AM Talk site, 2 Baltimore sites (Rock and Classic Rock) and 2 Ocean City sites. In addition to that I am doing corporate and internal sites for Clear Channel. Yeah, I guess it keeps me busy. It’s just weird doing this shit. Cos I was hired to do only DC101. But I reckon things change. And more responsibility and creative control are always good in my book.

Which reminds me… I remember college. It was Freshman year. My good friend there Bennie just bought me a bowl. We named it “Chunk”. His was named “Fuck”. Yes, Chunk and Fuck. No clue why we called it that. At the time it was very funny however. So naturally we smoked our typical nightly dose pot and opium and opium and pot and pot and opium. Then we repeated. Then we ate pretzels and repeated. Sorta. This went on pretty much most of 18th, 19th, and 20th year of my life among other things. But this one night the floor was having a party. And these girls came in to town to party cos they knew someone on the floor. All I really remember was that I was video taping this all. Why did I have a video camera you ask? Beats the hell out of me. The girls ended up being like 16 or something, which at the time was what I was into. I don’t know why I was all in to the young ones then. Now if they are younger than me, it’s not a good thing. They say that girls mature quicker. But I also think we finally catch up and surpass them. Then they have a ways to catch up now. Or something. Who knows. The bizarre event of the evening was that someone ordered pizza and I followed that person down as I had the munchies and needed to satiate myself. So I did just that. I followed the dude down stairs and then it hit me. It was glowing like the last Milano Cookie. It was a sock on the ground outside. The amazing thing about this sock (at that time) was that is was completely frozen. So that if you picked it up it would lay flat and appear to defy Newton’s First Law of Gravity. This mesmerized me and from my hunger pains seduced me to putting it in my mouth. Little did I know that Bennie also stumbled down too and had a camera with him and snapped a few shots of me. Lucky bastard I am. So there really was nothing else left for that story. Other memories of that night include those girls drinking Miller Light 40s, smoking like 2 packs of American Spirits and waking up on a couch on a different floor than the party with some girl who I had never seen before in my life. Luckily she was wearing her clothes and I was wearing mine.

Here are my favorite Dinosaur Jr. records (including imports and eps) in order of favorite starting with most favorite.

01 Green Mind
02 Whatever’s Cool With Me
03 Bug
04 You’re Living All Over Me
05 Where You Been
06 Dinosaur
07 Fossils
08 In Session (BBC)
09 Quest
10 Jayloumurph (live)
11 Without A Sound

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