i think your creamy goodness just got absorbed in me

yuan fu’s and amf bowling via mat’s birthday:: rockville, md

Addy and Korinne:: I bet he downloads lots of porn

Korinne:: I kinda wanna be downloading porn too

Emily and Amy:: I wonder who wants to sleep with us most?

Zac and Zander:: I wonder who wants to sniff my finger?

Mat:: Thuper!

Emily:: I am special.

Yuan Fu’s:: the food.

We bowl

Zander:: What a vixen!

Mat:: I am a professional.

Emily:: Is that a middle finger?

Morgan:: You will LOVE my dog.

Zac:: I AM a webmaster, you see.

Zander:: Baby, touch it one more time.

Zac:: Yeah, and i am a Sagittarius and I like string beans.

Mat:: I am a Capricorn and I like tummies.

We’re just white trash

Emily:: I am so special it hurts.

Emily and Mat:: Oompa Loompa Mat

Morgan and Mat

Mat and Emily:: BOOBIES!

Mat:: I can run.

Morgan and Mat:: suckers!

Zac and dog:: Woah, someone got head!

Mat and Emily:: “I’ve been in more laps than a napkin.” -Mae West

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  • MEH! FUN EVERYWHERE, and no me involved! poooh. pooh. pooh. Sorry I couldn’t make it, I rilly wanted to be there and bowl my littel heart away. Happy birfday lil’ Mat.

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