eleri baggins the hobbit from bags end on her way to mordor

i went to a party last saturday night, i didnt get laid, i got in a fight, uh huh.....it aint no big thing......late for my work and the traffic was bad and i borrowed ten bucks from my old man....uh huh......it aint no big thing.......laura_neice (24k image)I took a super slendid poop tonight right when I got home from work. It was terrific. Almost blissful. It was one of those ones that was souped up for over a day. It was way ready to come out too. And came out so perfect. Not too early and sloppy and not to late and bug eyed. I had the ideal poop today. It didn’t even smell all that bad. I wonder if it’s because I am drinking more and more water.

and richie havens is one of the best ever

In other news, I am loving the battle for attention on the TV. Is it Bushwhack chocking on a preztle and his “SuperSpecialSecretService” not hearing him drop to the floor. Or is it the Redskins’ coach getting the boot. Who really fucking cares. I sure don’t. Fuck them both.

So yeah, I did have a birthday on Saturday. I got some notes from people via email. Some stuff in the mail and some cards in the mail. Even some IMs. You really learn quickly which of your friends really care about you when you get a note in the mail. Or a really meaningful gift that you know they thought about. I still correspond with a few people via normal mail. I wish more people did this with me.

And on a side note, I find it quite interesting that New Jersey Jessica and Emily have the same birthday, but off by a few years. Very odd.

I think It’s much easier these days to just post pictures to my journal. Fuck words. They are boring anyways. Speaking of which if any one who is reading this knows of a good php(mySQL) or perl script for cataloging photos please let me know. Danke.

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