quiet is the new loud

kendra went to the atm and was attacked by pirates “And I�m watching myself performing on TV / And it�s an 8 by 10 7/11 screen / And I�m punching in potato chips / And sugared water and cigarettes and dream magazines.”

Hi everybody.

Fuck words. Words are boring.

�Who calls a Grown Man Toby?� Mixtape

Scud Mountain Boys- Penthouse
Joe Henry- Rough and Tumble
David Gray- This Years Love
Ryan Adams- Firecracker
Josh Rouse- Directions
Bob Schneider- Tokyo
Bad Livers- I�m Convicted
Turin Brakes- Save Me (ps, it is so a man singing)
Pete Krebs- Ashes back to Vegas
Ike Reilly- Hip Hop #9
Cash Brothers- Night Shift Guru
Uncle Tupelo- Acuff-Rose
Kings of Convenience- I Don�t Know What I can Save You From (remix)
Convoy-Caught Up In You
Whiskeytown- 16 days (Baseball Park Sessions)

That is some serious y�allternative shit going down.

I really don�t have much to tell. I moved, and that is good. I like Arlington. My house squeaks, it is a very old house. My room is cold, my down comforter is warm. Friends are well and even though I have a cold, I am happy. Last night I went to see some friends play at the Iota, they have a group called �The Five Maseratis.� Not bad for lil� Pezzimente. He used to be part of that there group the Pietasters. Maybe you�ve heard of them. They covered a Prince song Mat, although I can�t remember which one. Also, they covered a Bangles song. They were good even though I was sick and sat in the corner.

I have registered the site www.pointedsticks.com. Anyone want to host me? I have no idea what I�m going to do with it. Also, Sig and I have started another website called �Dan�s Big Gay Key West Adventure!� about Sig�s friend Dan. It will be wonderful when it is finally up. Dan has suntan lotion all over his face. OR DOES HE?!?!?!?!?

In other news, tomorrow is hump day. I think I had a dream about Jeffy, or maybe just someone I know who LOOKS like Jeffy, but I�m not sure. I don�t know Jeffy. He was selling necklaces made of hemp on the beach. Also, Charo was there. Jeffy? Do you know Charo? What does this mean?

�I feel special. Like a Lifetime movie.�

6 Responses to “quiet is the new loud”

  • u should feel special like a pepsi

  • hot damn!
    you’ve got some good ol’ convoy going on on that tape.
    did you make the tape, or did someone give it to ya?
    good stuff…

  • a vote of confidence: pointedsticks.com is an AWESOMELY AWESOME domain name. i wish you luck in doing something appropriately awesome with it.

    re: dreams of Jeffy lookalikes – it occurred to me tonight while watching "Undeclared" that Seth Rogan kind of resembles the pictures of Jeffy that i’ve seen. weird.

  • rob from the pietasters is in that band, too…and when did jorge leave? he was still playing bass for the pietasters as of last week…

  • mmmm, jorge didn’t leave the pietasters, sorry. as far as i know, he’s still playing with them. i think i phrased that wrong… no "used too"

  • hey al, you’re not the only one that thought that…about the jeff-alike…interesting.

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