guitar strings and foolish things

I�m remembering your skin, sunlight coming in Lists

To Do:
-Return lampshade
-Call credit union
-Babysit on Thursday
-Cash Brothers and Jayhawks, 730, Thursday
-Email, about missing CD order, cry and whine like it is my job
-Return Carnie-Wilson like elastic pants to Tar-jay. Gah.
-Call Tina
-Write Aunt K. I am ALL ABOUT my aunt.
-Become art teacher for lack of any other desires, skills
-Draw comic about life, decide not funny or interesting, rip up. Try screenplay instead, lots of people are willing to see shitty movies than are willing to read shitty comics. Ex: Anything involving Brendan Fraser. Call Screenplay �Sermons for Every Season.� Involve Denzel. Everyone likes Denzel.
-Work-related things, like filing and copying
-Play funny joke on Sig by sending in Ruby Tuesday�s application without him knowing, he has a Great Career in His Future!!

To Buy:
-Frozen dinners, re: pathetic life
-Cigarette dispenser shaped like donkey, ciggie�s come out of it�s ASS

To Listen:
-J�s dreams
-Sig�s day
Pete Krebs
-Kings of Convenience
-Change cell phone ring to something less annoying, cricket sounds make me want to stab people

New Things to Hate, At Least Temporarily:
-Too-sweet air freshners
-Lack of beer in life
-Uncomfortable staff meetings no one wants to be at that involve games of Jeopardy about company policies, no one answers, HR frustrated, prizes are pens
-John Travolta, ex: Battlefield Earth
-Moving People, moving in general, unpacking
-Dating, glad I don�t have to really anymore
-Doctors and Dentists, also to put in �Good Names for bands� list
-Vacation, lack of
-double-booking, not enough time, early mornings, Route 66
-complaining, lame

And How

Sig was talking the other day about when they had to take swimming in gym class, and how that was always the him and his friends favorite part of school, because it involved sixteen year old girls in bathing suits. I tried to pretend like I knew what he was talking about, but I grew up blue-collar. They didn�t dare put a swimming pool anywhere near our school let alone let us take CLASSES together. People were getting knocked up left and right as it was, there was no need to have young fertile girls basically get impregnated just by horny boy�s ogling. I know that�s not how it happens, but if there was going to be an immaculate conception anywhere, Sterling Park is a damn good as any place for something lie that to happen. Swimming class, indeed. My brain is swimming with what one girl I know named Lori would have done in the pool room.

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  • Where did the pronunciation of "Target" as "Tar-jay" come from anyway? I first heard it from my friend Mike sometime last year.

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