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The days cant get any shorter. I am having more and more and more work to manage. In the end, it’s a good thing as it holds my job security. But it’s keeping me more and more busy which leads to less slacking off. I guess once you start slacking off you get bored and generally get left unfulfulled (see entries from when I worked at Discovery Channel) – Luckily the work I do, I really enjoy. It’s nothing i’d like to do permanantly. Luckily I am not at my computer all day. I’d say maybe 70% of the day is. But ideally i’d like to never be in front of the computer. Or maybe around 25% of the day, if that. I guess what’s really getting to me is all the Coporate work i am doing. I really dont mind it, but it’s not really what I was hired to do. Of course I am working my way, so they say. But what I really enjoy were those crazy summers when there was shit going on all the time. 24/7. Hmmm, I guess the spring/summer season isnt too far away. I just cant wait for that. I cant wait for that time when I wont have time to do the Corporate sites. I guess I just cant wait for the time when I get to retire and do what I want to do 100% of the day. And share it with my dog.

As soon as I came home today I got an email from NJ Jessica’s friend who does this band’s website. I was a nice guy and installed a Message Board for him cos his board was in a sorry state to be in. Turns out he works for a design company and wants me to freelance for him. He asked me what I wanted to get paid. I asked him what he thought I was worth. When he got back to me, he would pay be twice what I am getting paid now, if I was getting paid hourly (I am salary). Sure, this will only be 4 or 5 hours here or there a few times a month. But still that will my rent for one month when I move out. Killer.

In other news, my tadpole came yesterday. It’s actually a normal frog. Not sure why it came as a frog. I am not complaining. Maybe it has to do with the fact it’s winter and it’s 50 degrees outside. Regardless, I love my new frog. His name is Scuzi. Pronounced: (Skuzz)-ie. Yo. He’s chill and likes to watch me work. You can see him in my ‘work cam’ to the right.

I am in the process of finding a robust Photo Image Gallery program in PHP or Perl. If anyone knows of one that rocks and does thumbnails automatically and wants to help me set it up, please contact me. I will reward you with many of favors. Sexual perhaps.

Speaking of Photos. I bought a new camera this weekend. It came today. It’s to replace my obsolete and rather bulky digital camera. The camera i got is a fifth of the size. It’s made of metal. It’s a Nikon and will work with a lot of the same accessories for my 35mm Nikon SLR. This new digital camera is killer. It’s small and almost looks like it’s a medium format camera. The menu settings are incredibly detailed and will prolly take me weeks to learn all the menus. Right off the bat, the first setting I switched it to was the “Slow Sync” flash mode. It took great shots using that mode. I am in heaven.

elevator lady elevator lady elevator lady elevator lady elevator lady elevator lady

Tomorrow I am going to the sneak peak of Black Hawk Down with Emily. And on Friday we are actually going to hit the Baltimore Aquarium. For real this time. Then for the weekend we are going to work on my photo gallery and hopefully start work on our Stop-Motion film. I called it “Pre-Production”. Emily just laughed at me. Phooey.

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  • Baltimore Aquarium! dude! I haven’t been there in years (even though i’m right close by). total awesomeness.

    a reminder: if you still wanna pick up yr Berfday gift receipt while you’re in the neighborhood, feel free.

  • i did a summer program at the baltimore aquarium the summer after fourth grade – we got to walk around on planks above the shark tank, run amok behind the scenes, and dissect shit. i was in total heaven. another time, we spent the night there.

    i should’ve become a marine biologist.. man, i totally fucking blew it.

  • no shit, I was thinking about going to the aquarium on friday too. i saw a mersh on TV saying its 5 bucks after 5 on fridays.
    I know a guy who’s majoring in biology or something in California. He’s a total Shark nut, and loves Satan.

  • doesnt everyone love satan?

  • Hrm, maybe not satan…

    but I am quite fond of the redesign :). Quite cool, yo.

  • whoa! i did a program at the aquarium the summer after 5th grade! we walked above the shark tank too. we never got to spend the night though. but we did go on a swamp walk near the chesapeake. i think i went on 5 million swamp walks as a child. i probably have a permanent immunity to leeches now. ah, the stench of the wild muck… mmmm, takes me home again.

  • Terri,

    I think you were on DC 101 this morning? I heard about some neat products, but I did not get qa web address to order them from. Can you give me one?

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