not so foolish things

Sig brought me flowers to work, I am the envy of all woman aged 20-70 in my office Lightbulb, it’s on

So, remember that whole Cult thing of mine that didn’t really take off? I do, and I’m still bitter. Also, there was a few ideas about me changing career paths to become a novelist, or a songwriter like Denise Rich, only not having clients who were straight crazy in the head? (Like MARIAH, who I love, she is so wickedly insane how can you not want to be around her just to see what happens next? She should be her own sitcom. But I don’t want to write songs like ‘You’re my Eric Nies’ and have them wasted by Mariah. She’d sample and do a remix later. Or Puffy/Diddy could!) Where was I? Oh yes. I have a new idea. Scheme. Plan. Plot. What have you.

I want to do S&M.

This has to be great money for a pretty easy job, and, my arms will get toned from all the whipping involved, so no more gym! Guys PAY ME to treat them like shit and hurt them! WHERE DO I SIGN?? Can one take classes for this? A dominatrix doesn’t sleep with her clients, that’s good. I like that part. Basically, she just calls them fat maggot turds and tells them to lick her boots. And, I’ve been in the market for something in black vinyl! IT IS A SIGN!!!!

Off to scheme and dream. This will take many long days and nights of thinking.

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