korinne101:: thank you for last night

china (5k image)Good god aint it funky?

I haven’t really posted anything substantial here in days. Should I even have to? What the fuck? Nothing really all that exciting is going on with me. I have been restructuring my photo galleries and trying to weed out the shitty pictures that are just silly for being online. Online. Hmmm. That the fuck does that even mean? Last night Emily came over and we went to get Vietnamese food at Phở 95. Then we went to Comp USA (yes, they have them in Rockville), so Emily could get a Firewire and USB port. I even got a computer game, called the SIMS. And yes, I paid for it. It’s the first time in a long while since I paid for software. But hell, there are some companies I really like and do support. Anybody remember SIERRA. I cant wait to play it. Kristen would always talk about this game. I so cant wait.

Emily and her cute friend Brea are working on this art show for the spring. It’s so ambitious and laudable. It makes me excited. It makes me that much more excited that Daniel and me get to provide the music. We still don’t know what we can perform. I’d like to improvise, but i am sure that wont go over well with the Daniel. So we’ll see and we’ll prolly compromise somewhere in the middle. Wooo! Fun stuff. I hope to slip a Tortoise cover in there.

In other news, I am loving my new Froggie. His name is Skuzi. Yes, you computer geeks, it’s pronounced just the way you want it to. And today for lunch Buddy took me out to the Woodside Deli. It was cool cos we didn’t talk about work the whole time and he thought our waitress was cute. And that she was.

So tonight I am chilling with my sister and her boy. She just got a new digital camera. And she wants me to show her how to use it. I love the fact that she spend like 8 months researching this camera and got a year old camera that is basically out of print. Oh well…it’s just kinda funny. I don’t know what else is in store for the weekend. I’ll be in Baltimore. I’ll be warm. I’ll be rocking like Dokken.

5 Responses to “korinne101:: thank you for last night”

  • it’s not the improv i’m concerned about. it’s the fact that we’ve never played LIVE together….

  • i think you will both be quite terrific. rock rock rock.

    also, my posts lately have sucked ass. what is all this about?

    also, the junk you are referring to, those are my pcitures. sucka!

    also, work is hard. more posts. better quality. i promiss.

  • nevermind, my head is made of cheese.


  • Sims. So addicting. Watch out. Whatever you do, do not buy the expansion packs. I REPEAT :: Sims in afros are way more addicting that one could imagine.

  • i would seriously consider coming out for a mat/daniel performance combined with an emily art show. if i’m not, you know, living there by then.

    i, for one, have enjoyed elle’s recent posts.

    i like to put my sims into rooms without doors and make them fight until one tries to leave, only they CAN’T because there are no DOORS and eventually they die. does this make me weird?

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