i think OM should have a bra only section

mel (7k image)TranceHeadz: did mr. Al tell you about his new… ahem… accesory?
mat: what is it?
TranceHeadz: he hasnt told you!
TranceHeadz: beat it out of him!
mat: what up?
TranceHeadz: you’ll have to ask him… i dont want to be the one to tell tales after school

mat: TranceHeadz:did mr. Al tell you about his new… ahem… accesory?
mat: ?!?!?!?!?
HotelOpera: haha
mat: are you smoking the ganja again?
HotelOpera: ok, noone knows about this yet, so keep it under hat….not that, but keep guessing
mat: did u get a pocket pussy?
HotelOpera: nope
mat: blow up doll?
HotelOpera: nope, keep going
mat: did u get the mariah carey import single you’ve been looking for for 6 months?
HotelOpera: YES! but that’s not what i’m talking about
mat: oh
mat: so you found the record finally?
HotelOpera: yeah….she sent me a personal letter thanking me for being the first person to buy one of her records in the past 6 months
mat: awesome…did see send you an 8×10 of a close up of her implant scars?
HotelOpera: i wish!
HotelOpera: hehe…..
mat: did u get a boyfriend?
HotelOpera: no
mat: girlfriend?
mat: mail order bride?
HotelOpera: nope. from Undies Only: “Yes, my thong says “Let’s Rock””
mat: well?
HotelOpera: keep guessing, man! it’s not that hard
mat: is “hard” a keyword?
HotelOpera: haha, not really
HotelOpera: let’s just say it’s something people would not expect of me
mat: a hat?
mat: a beard?
HotelOpera: hehe
mat: a strap on?
HotelOpera: haha
HotelOpera: keep going
mat: leather pants?
HotelOpera: man…girls in undies rule
mat: a computer?
HotelOpera: nope
HotelOpera: nope
mat: a motorcycle?
HotelOpera: hehe, no
mat: a leather hat?
mat: cockring?
HotelOpera: no…but i totally should
HotelOpera: the leather hat, i mean

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