pictures are finally optional

It’s happened again. I switched journal programs yet again. This time to WordPress. It’s all php and sql driven, which makes my life a helluva lot easier. No more rebuilding silly static files that took forever and timed out and got corrupt. So with the mad help of Gordon and his expertise of CSS, OM been reborn. Plus one. 1+1=2.

Last weekend I went over to Eric’s house to record some cicada madness. We went up to his friend’s Pascal’s apartment above his house and set up pairs of mics in an X-Y pattern in to the trees. We used an AKG C3000, AT 3035, Oktava 012, and an MXL 990. They turned out really well. And sometime next week we’re going to get together to make a song for NPR. You can check out Eric’s pictures here. He has a cool site at, as well.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the studio with Zander. The album he is recording here is finally becoming more and more cohesive from an engineer’s point of view. I am not really a producer in this project. I just set up the mics and tell him if he needs to redo it or not. I assume I’ll play more of a producer’s role in mixing. That’s the really fun part anyways. But yeah, it’s all going very well and in a very healthy pace. Oh and we sorta had a spontaneous BBQ on Saturday night because our friend John was in town for the weekend. It was a lot of fun and Zander broke a chair. The chair is still out there in memory of the moment.

Joni Mitchell is playing now. Emily and myself just danced together in the kitchen. It was cute. I think it’s time to eat dinner.

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